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5 Chapter - 1.992 Words - Developed by: Novation - Updated on: 2018-03-26 - Developed on: - 840 taken- The story is currently being written

Chris was a normal child, until his 12th birthday. Now, he is time falling for better or for worse.

          The first time I experienced the shift was on my birthday when I was turning thirteen. It was raining with lightning and thunder in the background, just how I like it.

          While I was walking out to the living room to get my presents, I suddenly got a bad migraine. My vision blurred and my field of view tightened. All I could see was a small dot of vision with blue gray streaks around it. I got so dizzy I fell down onto the floor with my ears ringing. I couldn't hear the rain. Then, I got up and looked out the window. I realized my ears weren't ringing.   

      The day was sunny. I turned to my parents sitting on the couch, but, instead, I saw an old couple staring at me. The room was silent except for the tube tv in playing the Today show. I looked at the date on the screen... 'October 25, 1999.' 

       "Holy crap!" I said under my breath. I saw the old man running (as best as a man can run in his eighties) to the phone in the kitchen. I wanted to go home. I was scared. Every part of my body was tingling. I closed my eyes.  
     As I heard the old man in the distance, "Hello. 911, a teenager appeared in our living room," I suddenly felt detached from the situation. The old couple long gone behind me, the house (and the earth for that matter) were insignificant now. As I opened my eyes I saw streaks of blue and white traveling past me.I struggled, though I didn't know what I was struggling against. I felt like I was falling, but I felt weightless at the same time. There was no air ripping past me, yet I was breathing.

      Something jerked me to the left. I saw what I thought was the ground. As I 'fell' closer, I realized it was a circle of hardwood floor. I braced for my death. I closed my eyes and thought happy thoughts.

     "Oh, Chris! That looked like it hurt." There was no impact. I opened my eyes. I was on the floor where I had originally fallen. I looked up and saw a stormy day through the window, birthday streamers hung up, and my mum looking down at me from the couch, concerned. "What's wrong?" she asked.
    "Just a bad headache I guess," I replied.

By Novation

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R. (37830)
Great job, this is an interesting story!
70 days ago
Spanner (66200)
84 days ago
Great story, although a little hard to follow unfortunately.
Novation (64101)
90 days ago
Chapter five has been added. I know, it's short for more than two weeks, but school has been heavy and I am having a hard time finding the motivation to write.
Novation (64101)
106 days ago
Chapter 4 has been added. I do love myself a good cliffhanger when I'm on the other side of the equation
Katt Lane (52279)
106 days ago
Honestly I like it as a fellow Author I think you are amazing with adjectives in your story! this Is a really good book continue writing and Have an amazing day! also come and read my stories i have a bunch i would love your help! Xoxo, Katt Lane
Pup (80923)
107 days ago
I loved it!!! You should really write a book on this! And publish it! I would so read this!
Novation (64101)
110 days ago
!Sorry for the long delay. The week got the best of me. I'm more than likely going to post the next chapter during the weekend. Stay Tuned!
Novation (64101)
115 days ago
Chapter Three has been added.
Xallow (02459)
115 days ago
It was a great story so far! Nicely Done!
Novation (64101)
116 days ago
Chapter two has been added.
Novation (64101)
116 days ago
Literally right now just after I find out how to add a chapter.
Not~a~bot (99511)
116 days ago
When is the other one coming?
Novation (64101)
116 days ago
Wow, thanks you guys! I didn't see this as much of a thing, but I guess it was good. Another one coming right up!
Wow (12942)
116 days ago
That was really good. More please!😊
Mackenzie (05803)
116 days ago
O enjoyed your story! Can you make another one?