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  • 1
    Who is the most powerful Uchiha member?
  • 2
    What is the name of Eight Tails?
  • 3
    In what team was Hinata?

  • 4
    Who was the first possessor of Kyuubi?
  • 5
    Who killed Sasuke in war?
  • 6
    What is the name of this Rasengan?
    What is the name of this Rasengan?

  • 7
    Why Itachi joined Akatsuki?
  • 8
    Who was Itachi's first partner?
  • 9
    What Jutsu invented Second Hokage?
  • 10
    With who is Naruto and Sasuke related?

Comments (11)


212 days ago
itatchi is pretty strong and all that but he wasn't stronger than madara or sasuke had the rinnegan and madara had the sharingan,rinnegan,truth seeking orbs and the rinne-sharingan oh and he was the jinchuuriki of the ten-tails so i dont get how itatchi is more powerful than madara or sasuke
217 days ago
There’s so many things wrong with this quiz, Sasuke never dies, orochimaru was Itachi’s first partner and Sasuke is definitely the strongest uchiha
252 days ago
Sasuke never died,and why did i got only 3 answers correct I thought I will get a high one but the other questions didn't even happened in the series
313 days ago
For question 10 naruto and sasuke are related to all of them to an extent and for question 1 madara is definately stroner than itatchi
665 days ago
at the end of naruto the most powerfull men is sakuke with new rinegyan
772 days ago
Kushina had the nine tails before minto but before her it was the first Hokage wife who owned it before everyone expert for the Sage of six paths
775 days ago
Itachi is definitely super strong, but I'm pretty sure that both Sasuke and Madara were stronger than him. I mean first off Sasuke beat him in battle, even though I don't think he was trying because he wanted to give Sasuke his mange kyou sharingan but still, that wasn't even Sasuke's peak of strength. Also, Madara was toe to toe with what people called the "God of Shinobi" (Hashirama Senju) and he also survived a straight punch from Guy after he opened the 8th gate of death.
791 days ago
itachi is not the most powerful uchiha member and sasuke never died i only put madara because I assumed you were talking before sage of six paths talk to him and naruto when they were unconscious
806 days ago
sasuke never died in any of the series I looked it up after the quiz so plz fix the quiz not trying to be rude btw
817 days ago
Itachi isn’t stronger than sasuke after sasuke gets Rinnegan and question 10 could be Hashirama and Madara as well because they are ashura and indras reincarnations as well
824 days ago
Itachi isn't the most powerful member