Do you like him? 11-13

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This quiz will full tell you whether you like him or not. If you're unsure about it.... trust me I've been there....

  • 1
    If you see your crush on the public streets what would you do?
  • 2
    He texts you a message:
  • 3
    You sit next to him in a lesson what do you do?
  • 4
    Your crush likes your best friend what do you do?
  • 5
    Someone told him that you liked him.
  • 6
    Somebody else likes your crush and is most likely that he will like her than you. What do you do?
  • 7
    Do you do any of these things?
  • 8
    When he talks to you what of the below happens?
  • 9
    Another boy likes you but isn't sure whether you like him or your crush.
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you?
    By the way, doesn't affect your score

Comments (19)


Sav (98198)
55 days ago
Thanks for such a great quiz 🙃
Lola (58618)
111 days ago
Thx, idk why I took this. I know he likes me and he knows I like him but we are to chicken to ask each other out😂 love you max❤️
Heaven (24003)
129 days ago
I don't know if I like him. I hate everything about him but I still thought that I have a crush on him. He always asks or talk to me. And he doesn't smile when I cry. What's the meaning of this!
Klai (65167)
134 days ago
ugh I really like this boy James in my neiborhood and I can't tell if he is flirting with with me when he people ask if we are dating(cause we hang out a lot) and he says yes then he quickly says no!! He already knows that I like him and he has been more of a show off then normal plz help❤
Candice (33285)
144 days ago
How to tell a guy that u like him plz help
Ava Lee (12091)
148 days ago
Surprisingly accurate!
Nathan holland (88279)
151 days ago
I like this question
Anonymoose (66135)
153 days ago
kuzipa nachilongo (59499)
155 days ago
Love ❤ these quizzes
Nataliebl253 (01975)
159 days ago
Love u ##### so much
Belle (81140)
160 days ago
I’d love it if you made some more quizzes!! I have a recommendation for a new quiz... how much does he like you quiz. You don’t have to it’s just idea Xx
tillie (94960)
161 days ago
i took this quiz and it actually helped i told him that i liked him and....
Reannah (94960)
161 days ago
guys I'm soo happy you liked my quiz. thx for all the support and i may start some more quizzes for you to try. I'm very happy you got amazing results... aim high cuz you only live life once.
Belle (81140)
162 days ago
Great quiz!! I loved it
Belle (81140)
162 days ago
My result was exactly what I expected!! It said I’m a bit confused at the moment... so true!! I really am confused I’ve had a crush on him before and then I liked someone else who I got over yesterday and on Friday I started to fall for him again!!! Ahhhhh what do I do?? Help please someone Xx
Grace (56297)
164 days ago
So I took this quiz and it said one more nudge and I'll be there so I asked him out and he said YES and I am so happy and I love this quiz!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
ThePotatoFam (01168)
166 days ago
Your getting there.
Just one little nudge
You like him a lot but the thing is that because he may know you like him your worried he might not like you back. Go for it girl. No regrets. If it doesn't turn out well.... trust me, I have had experience.... then maybe your not ready and try next time.
Sally (07662)
166 days ago
I KNEW I didn't really like him :3 thanks world!!!!!!!
Emma Beebe (88482)
174 days ago
Am I the only one who does this tests over and over again with different crushes that I think I might have, like, since I have moved, old ones and new olds?