Is he just your friend or do you have a crush on him? (For girls)

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Have you been friends with this guy for a while, but now you act different around him? Is he just your friend, or is he something more...

  • 1
    Do you act different around him (like extra nice to him or super mean to him) then you usually would with your friends?
  • 2
    Does your heart beat faster and your face turn red whenever you're around him?
  • 3
    What do you do whenever you make eye contact?
  • 4
    Have you ever dreamed about him (don't worry, it's completely normal!)?
  • 5
    What do you do when (if) he approaches you?
  • 6
    Have your friends ever asked you if you like him?
  • 7
    Even if he said something that's not even funny, would you laugh anyway?
  • 8
    If he told you that he liked you, how would you respond?
  • 9
    If he randomly asked you out, what would you say?
  • 10
    Was this quiz useful (this doesn't affect your score)?

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41 days ago
I've been taking a lot of these, and they all say good things about us... I really hope that he likes me back since he goes to different school but says he loves me!
160 days ago
I think that when it says youre unsure, you really do know the answer to your love problem but you just dont want to admit it. So you either do like him, or you dont, but you just dont want to face it.
160 days ago
My mom said that i was old enough to date when i got to junior high, so i think that its totally ok
248 days ago
So during grade 7 I was a victim of psychological bullying and that got me depressed when suddenly I started grade 8 and my hole world changed in a good way. I started talking to my new crush, and at the end of the first three months of school my best friend told me that he had a crush on me as well. The more we talked, the more we realized that we had so much in common and that continued until now. Nowadays I'm in grade 9 and he started complimenting and also teasing me in a friendly way, I told him that I like him and he said that he loves me too.
the problem is that we're both only 15 years old and and don't know if we should start dating or not. Can someone help me please?
281 days ago
So, there is this boy who has liked me since September. We’re really good friends but ever since he asked me out at a carnival, it’s been awkward. It said I’m unsure and I am unsure!! What do I Do? Every time I want to tell him I think I like him, I can’t because I’m unsure. And I don’t want to break his heart and idk what to do! Help please!!
304 days ago
OMG!!! I asked him out and he said that he really liked me and was actually thinking of asking me out but wasnt sure if I liked him back!!! Thank you so much!!!
305 days ago
when I first watch John CENA on WWE in 2002, I wanted to meet him and he asked me to be his best friend I said yes, he said he has a crush on me and I have a crush on him. So John CENA loves me as a Best Friend.
307 days ago
I'm stuck between two guy's and ones name is Markel Stewart and he plays football and I don't know if he actually Love's me and the other ones name is D'mari and I don't know his last name and he play's football and basketball and is loving enough for you and he's in Chicago and I intend on bringing him back to Georgia! But only when I grow up and get a car to drive to the airport and bring him back and love him for as long as our relationship remains.
311 days ago
I asked him out he said he had a crush on me since first grade ek thank you
311 days ago
Im unsure.
311 days ago
Mine says im unsureand developings feelingsfirst yeahhhsecond WHATT!
318 days ago
i literally said i liked him and my result was “you don’t think of him like that” ....
321 days ago
Hi Amy. Did you ever consider that maybe your sisters friend comes over a lot to see you? Just give it time and try to get to know him. Maybe he'll start to like you back.
321 days ago
I kind of have the same problem. My sister who is a year older than me has a friend who comes over to study a lot. And whenever Im around me, I always drop stuff if im holding it. Im pretty sure i like him, but what if he likes my sister? I mean he does come over a lot. Someone help me!!!
322 days ago see my brother has a best friend that just came to the school and every time we're around each other I blush and smiles.its gotten more and more confusing what we are.but I hope what comes out in the end is what I expect!