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Itsfunneh quiz

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Are you a itsfunneh fan if so take this quiz to see if you're right or wrong.

  • 1
    Draco has an ice cream addiction
  • 2
    Itsfunneh plays bloxburg
  • 3
    Itsfunneh plays on a tablet

  • 4
    Funneh has 5 siblings
  • 5
    Funneh has played fortnite on her channel
  • 6
    Funneh has played human flat on her channnel

  • 7
    Funnehs name is Kat
  • 8
    Funneh has 3 sisters
  • 9
    Funnehs birth month is December
  • 10
    Funneh has a brother called Draco

Comments (20)


767 days ago
undefinedThe real funneh here!
767 days ago
Hey guys how much did u get on ur quizzes?
1132 days ago
1540 days ago
Funneh has 4 siblings. If you say 5 then you mean her siblings including funnen
1567 days ago
I Luve Dis Quiz!😍😘👍🏻
1569 days ago
I Luv Da Entire Krew
1569 days ago
I'm A Fan Of Da Entire Krew
1569 days ago
Dat Quiz Is SO Eazy 🤣😂🤣🤣
1621 days ago
Dat is too EASYall 10/10 i love itsfunneh
1626 days ago
I got 7/10
1705 days ago
I hate itsfuneh I love luner
1714 days ago
I Got 9 out of 10 (close tho)
1724 days ago
1820 days ago
BUT Funneh has played fortnite on her channel...
1823 days ago
I got a
10/10! It's funny is the best YouTube ever!!!
1844 days ago
! I love itsfunneh SHE IS DA BEST!!!!
1868 days ago
1882 days ago
nice quiz 9/10
1912 days ago
Woah so easy imbored
1912 days ago
Love this quiz so easy