Real Period Test, the 100% True and 100% Helpful Quiz for you

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Here to help you out and give you a 100% True Result when you need it the most. But, you have to answer the questions truthfully to get the 100% True Factor of this quiz.

  • 1
    What stage of Puberty do you think you are at?
  • 2
    What is your age?
  • 3
    Have you noticed Hairs growing in new places around your body?

  • 4
    Do you get Discharge a lot (it's a a whitey/ Yellowy mixture in your pants, it might be gooey)
  • 5
    Are you Tall or Small for your age & do you feel heavy or lightweight for you age?
  • 6
    Are you convinced your period will come soon?

  • 7
    What puberty stage is your best friend at
  • 8
    Do you get Moody and Have Mood Swings ( they're uncontrollable emotions that will come one after the other )
  • 9
    Do you like boys and well you know ...
  • 10
    Boobies, what are they like?

Comments (23)


399 days ago
girls i think there only one answer and its 4 to 6 months because i took this test like 1 year ago and got my period 9 months and i just retook this test and it said 4 to 6bmonths
493 days ago
I feel like a lot of this was generalized😬 I have dark slightly curly pubic hair but blonde short armpit hair and leg hair that's getting more noticeable.
825 days ago
I have hair every where and have been getting mood swings and more I feel really close but for some reason my cramps stopped coming
851 days ago
No mine said that. And I took 3 other tests that said 1-2 months
854 days ago
I took 5 other period tests and every one said 4-6 months, should I believe it? Someone tell me!!!!!!
869 days ago
Yikesssss 4-6 months most say 0-3 but some say 4-6 this seems kind of accurate
917 days ago
4 to 6 months I can't wait that long 😭
947 days ago
So I am ssooooooo hoping it comes in 4-6 months cause that is what it said uhhhh I want it soooooooooooooo badly 😖😣😔😟😒
1063 days ago
omg i am going to be the youngest in my family to get my period o.o
1096 days ago
@Gurly Gurl dont worry about, your still in the normal age range for starting and you shouldnt compare yourself to other people, your body will start when its ready! xx
1114 days ago
I got 4-6 months but iim 14 and all my friends already have it so i feel so left out :((( i really want it to come sooner
1126 days ago
Not really. Maybe to make it more accurate add PMS things
1227 days ago
Don’t trust the quiz! We’re all different, we’re gonna have different puberty!
1402 days ago
took THIS test 5 monts ago it said... (For 40% you are: Well all I can say is it coming maybe 4-6 months, but you should always be prepared, Good Luck ) took it TODAY it said..(.For 40% you are: Well all I can say is it coming maybe 4-6 months, but you should always be prepared, Good Luck ) 😻??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? help pls
1549 days ago

I’m not sporty
I shave every two weeks
Hair down there: covers some hair dark and curly
No armpit hair
Sweaty : yes very much
No spotting
Discharge everyday
Moodswings : none
1654 days ago
No, I don’t trust this test, I’ve taken a LOT, and all of them said around four months, but this is saying around a year.
1674 days ago
Guys if you already have yours then why are you taking the quiz it doesn't make sense if you have it and you take a quiz. What you should've done was before take the same quiz and wait how long it says you might get it. If you get it earlier or later it might be inaccurate.
1699 days ago
Not very acurate I’ve taken a lot and all of them said less than a month and this one said 4-6 months
1736 days ago
This is so off I’ve already started and it said 2+ years 😂
1754 days ago