Do I like him?

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Since I know a lot of us worry!

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    How often do you think about him?

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662 days ago
we are very good friends and i literally went to math after school just bc he said he was gonna be there. he takes my stuff and all that, paints in me in art, and takes pics in my phone. does he like me??
831 days ago
i love talking to him, but my parents found out we were texting & donโ€™t want me to talk to him anymore. today i passed him in the hall & he looked at me & watched me when i was raging at my friend for what my parents did. he always used to call me cute & make sure i had the best day. does he like me?
843 days ago
Yeah it sounds like he likes you Nicole. Btw my best friend is called Nicole are you her???
845 days ago
so my guy bestfriend is getting touchy feely with me and he makes up excuses to talk to me. i like him but IDK if he likes me back?! HELP ANYONE?!
855 days ago
How do I show him I want him to be mine
856 days ago
Hi Susan ask a friend to do it then try and avoid him ๐Ÿ’—x
856 days ago
Hi ambie there is a good chance he does like you ๐Ÿ’—

Just ask him or ask he's friends text him or face to face if you are brave xx
856 days ago
Hi Chloe be best friends build up your relationship and act farm around him and maby it might work ๐Ÿ’—

Give it a try ๐Ÿ’—
856 days ago
These quizzes are amazing you need to check them out maby test if someone likes you or you like them or how good is the relationship now this makes you think about all of these and u could find that your crush likes you.

Try this right now!!!

You won't regret it !!!!!

Why not do it with your friend or cousin etc and have a bit of fun

Life s to short to not have a laugh or a little joke

You only have 1 life so make the most of it or you and your family and friends will regret it
857 days ago
I have a crush on a boy name Jesus and we have two class together. He knows that I like him but he told me he just wants to be friends. What do i do
860 days ago
My crushes name is Zaine Kellet, He likes pokemon like Me:] And he acts strange around me... does he like me back?
861 days ago
How do I ask a boy out without being totally embarrassed?
861 days ago
I have a crush at school. We r the same age and we r dating. Everyone keeps teasing me. And he told me a few times that his friends r teasing him. What do I do?
866 days ago
The only person I have a crush on is Paul Stanley from KISS.
869 days ago
I like him but he doesn't.So what should I do?
869 days ago
Me and this boy are dating and I started to not like him as much anymore. But do I really like my boyfriend. He does not care about me , should I break up with him?
876 days ago
I like this guy and he likes my best friend and she likes him back. What do I do?!
877 days ago
877 days ago
I like thisboy , he was my best friend since birth but our fmailes stopped hanging out when we were 9 we use to talk on snapchat every so bit in ear 8 and he gave me this sweetest th , he lives so close to me and he we both likes sport and have the same sense of humour , I'm year 10 and I likehim and our familes want to do a reunion but I'm gonna be awkward
any advice?I like him and idk how to tell him cause he never gone out with someone before
878 days ago
How do I tell a boy I like him??