The quiz statistic

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl

15.16 % of users had this result: Wow! You're such a girly girl! I can't even imagine about how girly you are! You are a girl who loves pink. You might even like teddies and chocolates. You're just like me! (I hope you are not over dramatic as some other girls are ;).......) So be girly and enjoy your life. Go on princess! GIRLY GIRLS ROCK!(I'm girly too!).

50.38 % of users had this result: Oh! You're a tomboy! You love being outdoors and love to play sports! Most of the boys are your friends right? You are so sporty and woo athletic! Keep it up!

34.47 % of users had this result: You're right in the middle! That's great...... You have all kinds of friends and maybe you have many hobbies!