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Do You Have a Crush on Him?

23.91 % of users had this result: Girl, you are crazy for this guy. It might not be obvious to you now, or you could already know, but he is truly your crush. You would be heartbroken if you knew he hated you, and you would enjoy every minute if he became your boyfriend. You should probably do something about your feelings toward him so you don't end up waiting for nothing to happen. But be cautious - if he doesn't like you back, you will forever be sad.

1.12 % of users had this result: You hate him. There's no other way to put it. You will always be enemies. I don't know why you took this quiz - it should be obvious how often you are in a fight with him or trying to avoid him. You'd never try to love him, but if you did, it would never work out in the end.

57.52 % of users had this result: He is your crush, you are just a little shy about it and don't know for sure. You sort of like him, but not too much, and you do sort of want him to like you back. It could be awkward at first if you are alone together, but you would come to enjoy the moment. You should totally see if he has feelings for you and try to get together!

4.63 % of users had this result: You don't really know him or your feelings towards him yet. Right now, you don't have a crush, but one could develop as you get to know him. You might want to experiment with your reactions from him and try to see him a little more, then retake this quiz.

12.81 % of users had this result: You don't care for him at all, but not in a bad way. You just don't love him. He still could be a friend, but you aren't interested in having any serious relationships with him yet. Don't try to, either. You aren't meant for him. You could try another boy, but you don't have any feelings for this one.