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ACCURATE First Period Quiz

58.78 % of users had this result: You could get your period any time now. Carry a sanitary pad with you and a spare change of underpants. I would say you won't be waiting more than three months now. Good luck!

24.68 % of users had this result: You'll probably get your period in 4-6 months. However, you might get it a few weeks before or a few weeks after. Carry a pad just in case. It would be bad to start with nothing handy.

11.37 % of users had this result: You could get your period in a year or two. It might be a little before or after that, but at least you now know you have awhile to wait. However, some girls start their periods without really developing at all. So, I guess you can just play the waiting game. But from your answers, it seems this is most likely when you will get your period.

5.17 % of users had this result: You're not showing many signs of starting yet, so I'm guessing you'll be waiting at least two more years. Studies show that after your breasts start developing, your period usually comes within that amount of time.