The quiz statistic

What primary color are you?

39.93 % of users had this result: You're blue! You're a wistful spirit that provides a new point of view. You're a deep thinker, wise, and calm. You might be too depressing for some, but the perfect conversationalist for others. You should focus on looking for silver linings. Popular blue things: cotton candy, blue raspberry flavored things, blueberries, the sky, Pablo Picasso's blue period, and the ocean.

25.73 % of users had this result: You're yellow! You're a sunny spirit that brightens everybody's day. You're happy, easy-going, and friendly. You might be too peppy for some, but the perfect reminder to be happy for others. You should try to focus on being dialectical, and seeing the dark side as well as the light side to things. Popular yellow things: the sun, sunflowers, smiley faces, dandelions, bumblebees, buttercups, lemonade, limoncello, and Spongebob.

34.34 % of users had this result: Your're red! You're a fiery spirit that nobody can control. You're brave, loyal, and a fast thinker. You might be too serious or fast paced for some, but the perfect adrenaline rush for others. You should learn to control your temper and go with the flow sometimes. Popular red things: fire, cinnamon flavored things, cherries, strawberries, match tips, blood, roses, and rubies.