The quiz statistic

Which element are you truly?

25.66 % of users had this result: You are water a calm and caring person you are a very diligent person and can't stand to stay in the same place at once. You most likely find water sounds very relaxing and take great interest in the mysteries of the world. You are probably very temperamental at times and don't always think about everyone else around you. Maybe you should start thinking before you react.

22.93 % of users had this result: You are air you help the other elements by furlong them and are possibly the one who keeps everyone grounded around you when in reality your thoughts are up in the air. Some people call you an airhead when really you just have your thoughts somewhere else or your talents are directed somewhere else. You don't care much for paths and most likely are rather rebellious at times but no when to come back down to earth and remember you have the potential to level cities. With great power comes great responsibility. Use it well. Maybe you should try caring for yourself more than others

24.69 % of users had this result: Fire. You are rather feisty at times and have a quick temper unlike the other elements you understand balance a little bit more. Your talents are not directed to just one place but rather in multiple you have the power to keep others warm at night but to also cause mass destruction. People underestimate you a lot and most likely take advantage of you. Try standing your ground more often and you know that thing in your theist it's called a voice use it sometime it might just help you don't always need to burn people sometimes the truth hurts enough

14.02 % of users had this result: Earth. You are a grounded person and enjoy the finer things in life. You're a type of person who will pull over and smell the roses. You are probably rather artistic ever in drawing or acting. You are probably the one everyone goes to for help but remember to help yourself sometimes. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT MOTHER NATURE HERSELF DON'T GO ROUND TRYING TO RUIN EVERYONE'S LIFE. Yeah that's right I see you.

12.7 % of users had this result: Spirit. You are probably very spiritual and most likely a loner at times but that's okay you just like time to yourself sometimes.