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What holiday are you?

10.81 % of users had this result: You are HALLOWEEN! You're gothy and love scary things, and you love to scare others! Secretly, deep inside you a teeny bit of love shows, though you always keep it DEEP inside you. You can one minute be innocent, the next be taunting someone till they run away shrieking. You are obsessed with long, gothic romance books and extremely horrid movies like It or Happy Death Day. You probably have 0-2 friends but you don't really like them you just hang out with them because you want to torment them. You have black hair and brown eyes. You're very lazy and most likely failing school and either fat or too thin. You completely block out your family.

63.24 % of users had this result: You are CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH! You're a very family oriented person and very sweet and caring. You like sports like track or soccer or basketball, and you have brown hair and light brown eyes. You are super close to your family and have a lot of friends. You ADORE your siblings and you like cutesy stuff like little bitty babies and kitties and puppies. You love fuzzy stuff. You're very responsible.

5.68 % of users had this result: You are VALENTINE'S DAY! You're kind of a wannabe and are always trying to be popular. Three words for you. YOU'RE NOT POPULAR! Two more words: STOP TRYING! You will probably never be liked sorry...... You have a crush on every boy/girl and none of them like you back. You try WAY too hard. You wear contacts that change your eye color to green or blue or purple maybe even pink who knows. You need to just be yourself and SHUT UP.

8.65 % of users had this result: You are NEW YEARS! You're very centered and calm. You really enjoy yoga and/or zumba, you also love reading. You have red hair and green eyes. You don't believe in all these new technologies in the world and you love books. You love fresh foods and love New Years because you can make resolutions you always fulfill. You want world peace and to end world hunger more than anything.

11.62 % of users had this result: You are YOUR BIRTHDAY! You're spoiled and popular, you like your birthday because it is all about you! You only care about yourself: you would rather have someone else die than have you get a tiny little scratch. You have blond hair and blue eyes. You wear sexy clothes and heels if you're a girl, if you're a boy you wear vineyard vines and yeezys. You die your hair to make it prettier/cool and you wear so much makeup if your a girl. You like partying and you either dance, cheer lead, or do gymnastics if you're a girl, if you're a boy you play football, hockey, or basketball.