What wings of fire tribe are you in?

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10 Questions - Developed by: MacKenzie McAfee - Developed on: - 8.927 taken - 7 people like it

Discover if you are a SeaWing, RainWing,
Mudwing, Silkwing, SkyWing, IceWing, Nightwing, or SandWing with this 10 question quiz!

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    What place would you rather live in?

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Emily (50081)
22 days ago
I got a rainwing but I am nothing like a rainwing
StarBurst (real name is Eddie) (90355)
36 days ago
I got nightwing. I love to be in the shadows. I love the dark.
FireyAsriel (54430)
50 days ago
got icewing Honestly, It was pretty accurate. In minecraft Im already using an icewing skin kek
Foxy(my Phoenix Drop High OC) (12009)
56 days ago
i wuz hopings nightwing but i got rainwing, my name as a nightwing is Nightshade, my name as a rainwing is Sharpfang (i wanted a cool name since i'm rainwing and their pretty boring)
Kiara (97190)
64 days ago
What I'm really confused about is that I put everything pointing to me NOT being a Rainwing, and I got rainwing as my tribe. I'm very active, and will undeniably put up one heck of a fight. Not to be one of those "quiz-critics", but I must say that this is not a very accurate quiz, at least in my case it wasn't.
No offense meant.
Thank you for your time.
Xena (48258)
72 days ago
Yay, I'm a MudWing! When I tried to think what hybrid should I be, I always had a MudWing grandpa or something.
Yee (16690)
77 days ago
Eh, I’m a RainWing, and I was hopings to get SkyWing, SeaWing, or IceWing.
no name creeps (03479)
79 days ago
im sooo happy! i got nighting which is very accurate i would be starlight the nighting
81 days ago
I HATE IT, I got a Mud Wing and I hate my little sister so I don't like it, btw on the other test it said I am Glory, I believe that!
117 days ago
I got rainwing, which is pretty accurate, but If I had to fight: warning, flashing colours, other dude has seizure
Yasmin (82656)
136 days ago
I got MudWing.......they're ok I guess, but I wanted RainWing or SandWing!
Sage (00227)
231 days ago
Eh.....no, personally I enjoy working, raisin wings are extremely loyal band yet somewhat lazy, but that doesn't mean they will do anything to get out of work!