When will you get your period?

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Whether you want to start getting your period or not, it is still good to know. This quiz will give you a general area where you will get you period!

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    I am going to ask you questions within sections. For example, the first section is the breast section. That means first, I will ask you a few questions about your breasts! The first questions is: How long has it been since you have started to develop breasts (since the nipple has started growing)
  • 2
    Second questions on breasts: what shape are they?
  • 3
    The third question about breasts: what type of bra do you wear?
  • 4
    The fourth (and last) question about breasts: how big is your areola (your nipple and the area around your nipple)
  • 5
    Next section is for discharge, that’s the white or yellow liquify stuff in your underwear. First question: How long have you had discharge for?
  • 6
    Second question on discharge: How much do you have?
  • 7
    Third (and last) question on discharge: what is the consistency of it?
  • 8
    This question doesn’t have a section, how much do you weigh?
  • 9
    This question also doesn’t have a section: when did your mom (or sister) get her first period?
  • 10
    This next section is very big, and is based off of the last month, its PMS symptoms. First question: Have you felt sad or angry for no reason or a small reason?
  • 11
    Second question about PMS over the last month: Have you been having cravings?
  • 12
    Third question for PMS in the last month: have you gotten cramps?
  • 13
    Question 4 of the PMS within the last month section, have you felt more bloated?
  • 14
    There are no more sections, just this last question before the quiz ends: How much armpit hair do you have?
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    Comment below if you have any questions! (Doesn’t count against score)

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Hi (01109)
24 days ago
Every quiz I take says 1-3 months
🌹🌹 (12193)
24 days ago
@Pegasus thx
Pegasus (60926)
25 days ago
I would guess 4-5 months! Good luck!
🌹🌹 (12193)
28 days ago
Estimate please.
12 years old
Medium amount of discharge
Straight darker pubic hair
Mom was 13
Aunt was 12
💗 are rounding out
Cramped a little bit every month
liv (24515)
35 days ago
I got less than a month but have had it for over a year why did i even take this?
unicorn gurl (12456)
41 days ago
Dear 😆😆(84364),
I estimated you and you will be going through womanhood in about 1-3 months. Good luck . ( Ps I had the same estimate😆)
unicorn gurl (12456)
41 days ago
Not sure😆😆(84364) but you are probably getting closer
😆😆 (84364)
43 days ago
Can someone give me an estimate

I am 12 years old

My sister was 12 when she got hers

Spotting once

A cup breasts

Nipple is medium size with a ball thing under it

Have been developings breasts for almost two years

I have a medium amount of armor hair I have to shave it

I get a couple cramps a week some hurt while others are mild

I have a small amount of pubic hair

I have tons of leg hair

I have had discharge for 2 years

It is yellowish Brown

My discharchge is blobby and thick

I have a lot of discharge I have a lot of cravings

Mood swings everyday

I have also felt more bloated

Also more tired
Nuna (55786)
43 days ago
*crys* next month. Im not prepared ;-;
Jennifer (10655)
47 days ago
Nice quiz! Very descriptive
Unknown (97769)
48 days ago
Hi, I was wondering if you guys can give me some period tips. I think I just received mine and so far I have no blood but I had a very bloody color brown underwear and I had spots of blood as well. What should I do? When will I start bleeding?
No name (34110)
49 days ago
@someone I reckon you haven't got long so chat to your mum, sister or friends of you feel more comfortable with that. Hope that helps as
Someone (84364)
51 days ago
Can someone give me an estimate

I am an a cup

There is a ball thing under my nipple

My nipple is medium size

My 💗 are kinda a triangle but the top is round

My 💗 have been growing for more than a year

I have a lot of leg hair

A decent amount of armpit hair (I need to shave)

I small-medium amount of pubic hair

I am 12

My sister was 12 when she got hers

I have had discharge for almost 2 years

I get usually let that a quarter but sometimes more

My discharge is a white sticky substance

I have had a lot of pms

About five cramps some hurt while others are mild
Adamarys Daddy Grandma (04087)
55 days ago
1-3 AAHHHH i already have my period kit thanks for this quiz
Amie (64144)
58 days ago
Triswhat I did is made 4 perid kits for school one for in my backpack for my locker and my sports bags that had pads, panty liners, panies, the peronal menstrol wipes, gum, tampon and plastic bag to put theold and new panies in You can find more if you go to @Ohana Adventure on youtube!!
Daisy (37532)
65 days ago
@HELp?? thanks for taking my quiz! i would estimate you about 4-7 months, but i don’t have a lot of info
HELp?? (72833)
71 days ago
Hey can anyone estimate?

I’m 12 mom got hers at 13

Had discharge for about 1 year now

AA cup (I think)

Some pubic hair some armpit hair

I got 1-4 months

Most signs of PMS

Yeah..... can anyone help??
Jean (62579)
76 days ago
I’m turning 13 soon you said 1-3 months and other side like 1-5 so I’m going with maybe 2-3? I’m actually excited because I need pantyliners and it would be a good time to ask
I’ve read up a lot on the science what to do to.
Sandra (65305)
77 days ago
Within the next month
Going back to school in a few days
Help me
Tris (64075)
83 days ago
I got 4-8 months does Anyone have any tips and stuff to get ready?