When will you get your period?

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Whether you want to start getting your period or not, it is still good to know. This quiz will give you a general area where you will get you period!

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    I am going to ask you questions within sections. For example, the first section is the breast section. That means first, I will ask you a few questions about your breasts! The first questions is: How long has it been since you have started to develop breasts (since the nipple has started growing)
  • 2
    Second questions on breasts: what shape are they?
  • 3
    The third question about breasts: what type of bra do you wear?
  • 4
    The fourth (and last) question about breasts: how big is your areola (your nipple and the area around your nipple)
  • 5
    Next section is for discharge, that’s the white or yellow liquify stuff in your underwear. First question: How long have you had discharge for?
  • 6
    Second question on discharge: How much do you have?
  • 7
    Third (and last) question on discharge: what is the consistency of it?
  • 8
    This question doesn’t have a section, how much do you weigh?
  • 9
    This question also doesn’t have a section: when did your mom (or sister) get her first period?
  • 10
    This next section is very big, and is based off of the last month, its PMS symptoms. First question: Have you felt sad or angry for no reason or a small reason?
  • 11
    Second question about PMS over the last month: Have you been having cravings?
  • 12
    Third question for PMS in the last month: have you gotten cramps?
  • 13
    Question 4 of the PMS within the last month section, have you felt more bloated?
  • 14
    There are no more sections, just this last question before the quiz ends: How much armpit hair do you have?
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    Comment below if you have any questions! (Doesn’t count against score)

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6 days ago
other tests say 2 weeks to one month at most and this says 1-3 months
115 days ago
I took other tests that said 3-5 months this one says 4-8 what??
115 days ago
Hi this is a nice quiz I like it ☺️ thx
154 days ago
I took a few other tests and they either said that I would have my period in 2-4 months or I would have mine really soon maybe asking “are you sure you haven’t started yet?” Clearly not!!!! This Test said I would get my period in 4-8 months also a few months ago I took one and it said I would have one in like two or more years and I really just want my period! Can a doctor write one of these it would be mega helpful also my breaths have been developing since 4th grease now I’m in 6th. All my friends got their periods and I haven’t I feel so left out! Also one of my friends took one of these tests it said 4-8 months, she already has her period. Thanks for listening to my complaining.wish me luck
176 days ago
Ovulating? Are you sure it's ovulation and not discharge?
180 days ago
every test I take No one answer me😔🙏😡😨
183 days ago
*ESTIMATE I what I meant not we
183 days ago
My mom got hers at 11
I am 11
I get the worst cramps ever done times I feel like crying they hurt so bad
I have been ovulating for about six months and I get a lot
215 days ago
I just want my period
240 days ago
I'm scareddddddddd
260 days ago
I’m 43+ Kgs*. sorry I just checked it and I didn’t know the mistake I’ve done
273 days ago
Hello, can someone please help me?
I’m 43 pounds, I’m having cravings, I’m literally crying or feeling sad/jealous so much, I feel bloated and my stomach makes strange noises every time I drink or eat something and I’m having bad headaches. I had discharge for 2 years or more but in these months I’m having literally more.(They can possibly be yellow, whiten, orange if I have cramps all the night or brownish red.) These days I’m just having a few of it, but I’m having bad cramps once/twice a week. My💗aren’t that small, but aren’t that big, I’m just wearing a sport bra. I’m feeling wet down there, and sometimes I see some drops on it but I’m sure it isn’t urine. My dad says that it’s ovulation and he’s a doctor too, but he feels uncomfortable talking about periods so I don’t know that much.
Can some girls who has probably my same problem answer me? That would be grateful!x

I think I will have my period less than a month though beacuse ovulation starts 14 days before periods, but this test says that I’ll have it in 4-8 months. Other tests says in 1-2 months, so I really need help!
277 days ago
1-3 months for me! This quiz seems very accurate! Thank you!
328 days ago
It said in the next month so that is fun.oh noi kinda don’t wanna haveit but there you go. I was just curious 🤷‍♀️
371 days ago
1-3 months! Yesssssssss!!!!!
401 days ago
1-3 months. Most of my quizzes said one to three months. I've had some that say over two months and one that said 4-7 weeks and one that said 2 weeks -1 1/2 no ths
411 days ago
Almost every quiz says 1-3 months... :D
429 days ago
Estimation for sophie

1-2months away??....

i think
436 days ago
Ummm this test 💗I think imma start in the next month bc all the other test say OMG YOU WILL GET IT IN THE NEXT MONTH OR TODAY so yea this test is wrong and I DO HAVE TO WORRY AB IT BC IM AB TO GET IT have a nice day
440 days ago
Someone estimate me
I’m 12
I’ve had discharge since I was 9-10
My 💗 aren’t fully developed but they are rounding out
I wear a 32a or 34a
I weigh 95 pounds
I’ve been getting cramps and some or more painful then others
There’s dark straight hair down there
I have hair that’s getting thicker in my armpits but isn’t dark it’s blond
I have a lot of mood swings
And I have wanted a boyfriend a lot