When will you get your period?

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Whether you want to start getting your period or not, it is still good to know. This quiz will give you a general area where you will get you period!

  • 1
    How developed are your breasts?
  • 2
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 3
    Do you have any pubic hair?
  • 4
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 5
    Ignore this q
  • 6
    Do you have discharge? (sometimes gooey white or yellow stuff in your underwear)
  • 7
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 8
    How long have your boobs been developing for (since your nipple first started changing)
  • 9
    Have you been having mood swings (your happy, then you’re sad, then your angry for no reason/a small reason)
  • 10
    Have you been sweating more and does it smell different?
  • 11
    Have you been having cravings?
  • 12
    Have you had any cramps below you bellybutton, your lower back, or any other places?
  • 13
    How many pounds have you gained in the last 6 months?
  • 14
    When did you mom get her period?
  • 15
    Comment below if you have any questions! (Doesn’t count against score)

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Belles (50670)
Hey! Estimate me anyone? I’m so confused. Everyone’s telling me different things

- age 13 1/2
-mum about the same age.But was more developed than I am now
- AA / A bra , sore every few days
- Pubic hair is pretty full. Getting curlier. My family doesn’t get much body hair anyway so I would say it is almost fully developed .
- underarm hair is still thickening . Blond at the ends but darker and curlyish at the base. sparse though.
-Discharge everyday, wear pantyliners all the time becuase my whole panties gets soaked
Started getting light discharge about 2 years ago ( yay😴)
- unlike my mum however , I have to shave my legs almost everyday becuase it grows so fast and so dark against my pale legs. If I shave in the morning it is stubbly by the next morning ( so I shave again if I can be bothered)
- mood swings are really bad for about 3 weeks of a months , then I’m fine for a week
- spots come and go too. Quite bad on my jawline. My brother got acne at 15 after he went through a huge growth spurt and everything else for boys
- sweating in pits is controllable with deodorant but if I forgot IT STINKS
- face and back started sweating more in the past 5 months

Thank you so much!!
If you want to email me my ‘results’
sofia (41919)
@HELP ME!!!❤️
I would say 2-5 months
Good luck 👍
sofia (41919)
Around 5-8 months. Good luck hun
HELP ME!!!❤️ (64401)
15 days ago
Estimate me please
12 years about to turn 13 in 4 months- Height 5ft 3in-weight 4 in past 2 months-weight 98 lbs-mom got it two months before turning 13-have major discharge,I have to wear a pantyliner so it doesn't ruin my underwear,had it for 6months to a year- I get cramps at least once a week, for 5 minutes tops-OMG I'm craving SO MUCH-Breasts can fit A cup sized and are rounded-thick dark curly public hair, and armpit hair-Mood springs every day-and so much sweat I'm getting sweat stains and I continue to put on deodorant,

Please help, these tests keep giving me 2-8 months in the future but these symptoms have been going one for at least 4 months
Thalia (09925)
21 days ago
Can someone estimate me? The quiz said 2-4 months, but idek

Age: 13 (14 in less than 2 months)
Height: 161cm (5ft 3in)
Weight: 39kg (81lbs)
Period: Nope, mum got it 1 month before she turned 13
Discharge: I have had discharge for about a year now, it is yellow, but not that much and it is quite thin and watery, not stringy, get it every other day
Growth: Past year i have grown 7cm (6 1/2 inch), past year I have gained 2kg
Cramps: I get them a few times a month, they hurt SUPER BAD then they are over within like 10 seconds but I got one that lasted 10 mins once and MAN IT HURT, starting to get them more often
Cravings: I always want very specific things, like chocolate or risotto or bread idek anymore
Bloating: Whenever I eat I seem to always get a food baby of a decent size
Mood swings: It is hard to tell since I have always been moody, but in year 5 I really started being angry and sensitive, but then I got an anxiety disorder a year later, making want to be super nice to everyone, so it is hard to tell, but even with anxiety i am still kind of moody
💗: a couple weeks after I turned 13, my nipples began to grow, but since then they haven't change that much, they are small and pointy and triangular, sometimes they are super sensitive, I just wear a training bra, they are still kinda small, increase in water for some reason lol, nipples arent dark tho

Thanks guys xxxx :) :) :) :)
Already had it, lol (10561)
22 days ago
GIRL: Hey u might have it in 2-3 weeks. Ur doin strong :). I know it’s scary. I had mine 3 months ago (I’m 12 btw) and my breats are rounding out. When u have spottings (little bit of blood in discharge) u know it’s gonna be soon, happy to halp! -A
XXX (70294)
22 days ago
Help number 2/help:
You will probably get it within a year, but there is no definite answer.
Help number 2/help (62372)
22 days ago
I mean I am 5 feet and 2 inches
Help number 2/help (62372)
22 days ago
Can you please estimate me

I am 11 years old- tallest girl in my grade (5.2) grew around 4 inches- I have a lot of discharge every day it is yellow and thick/goey I use a panty liner or else my underwear gets tained- pubic hair is curly and black covering 3/4 - I have triangular breasts that are starting to round out- I have armpit hair but very little straight black hairs- I wear A LOT OF DEODORANT- I WANT TO EAT MY WHOLE PANTRY/ cravings all the time recently!- I started getting cramps this week and they are getting worse and worse (bloating a bit too)- I am not getting acne probably because i am using an acne cream- my mom got her period when she was 12 so around my age- I weigh 98 ish pounds-

GIRL (26769)
22 days ago
Oh my mom got it when she was 12
GIRL (26769)
22 days ago
Not telling you my name. Please estimate me.
11 years old • tallest girl in my class • I get some discharge both times I was in the bathroom when I got it • pubic hair almost completely covering and brown • I barely have breasts, I did when I was scrawny • no armpit hair • lots of moodswings but I don’t know if I have cravings I have such a sweettooth. I did have 7 chocolate chip cookies today • below my stomach hurts sometimes • tons of blackheads and whiteheads
Emma (26165)
23 days ago
Is there any way to increase the chance of getting my first period? If so, what are they.
Wafflez9 (96237)
25 days ago
12 years
AA cup
Heavy discharge of one year
No cramps or bloating
About 95 lbs
Some mood swings, but that could just be me. :p
Mom got hers when she was 12
Pretty thick hair down there and armpits
Never spotted, What does it look like???
Had a few headaches in last 6 months
Have a LOT of pimples
Plz estimate me (30770)
26 days ago
@squidy I was help btw lol
Plz estimate me (30770)
26 days ago
@squidy Ya I am just short for my age, hahaha, thx!
Holly (64892)
27 days ago
2-4 months yay! So ready!
I need help (63949)
28 days ago
Im 12 1/2
My mom got hers at around 13 1/2 to 14
I have discharge most days and I feel it really bad when I walk it's annoying
I weigh about 75 lbs
I am A-B cup depending on the place
I have mood swings everyday really bad for the last year
I get mild-intense cramps below my belly button 3-6 times a week
Random but I feel bloated a lot sometimes I can't even bend down to get things because I feel so bloated and I also feel a lot of bubbles in my stomach at certain times of month
I crave stuff a lot but idk because my family eats pretty healthy so it might just be that but I really want a donut rn
I have spotting occasionally
I thought I started once but the spotting only lasted heavily i think for spotting for 3 days, that was about 3 months ago
My armpit hair is pretty thick but not full grown, its brown
My acne is really bad lately
I sweat to even the smallest things
I get random headaches a lot
Idk my comparison for my age for
Yay! (84776)
32 days ago
I got the next month, maybe two! Yay! All of my friends have had there period and I feel kinda left out... But I felt better when I knew that there were millions of other girls just like me. I'm so ready for this!
ZoZo %uD83D%uDE1C (94635)
32 days ago
I'm skinny does that mean it's longer till I get my period
Squidy (42373)
32 days ago
@help, 75 pounds? are you shorter than average? Because unless you are under 5 feet, that is way unhealthy, and you shouldn't get your period until you gain weight. If you are just shorter, then you should get yours in about 1-2 months, good luck!