How experienced are you in the equestrian world?

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This quiz will tell you how experienced you are in the equestrian world, and give you a look at what you need to improve on to become a horse-person!

  • 1
    You should make a horse jump even if it doesn’t like jumping.
  • 2
    You should never grab the mane of the horse when jumping.
  • 3
    You should ride your horse/lesson/lease horse more than once per week.

  • 4
    The crop should rarely be used. When the crop is used it should only be a tap.
  • 5
    When jumping you should always count the horses strides.
  • 6
    You must pick the horses hooves before AND after riding.

  • 7
    You should jump a horse for a maximum of one hour.
  • 8
    If the horse you are riding starts to bolt, you should apply no pressure with your legs, slightly loosen the reins, and circle until he/she stops.
  • 9
    Horses should only be fed apples or carrots as treats.
  • 10
    Always keep your heels down while riding. You must keep a straight line from your shoulders, to your hips, to your heels.

  • 11
    You are only an experienced rider if you jump higher than 2’0 tall.
  • 12
    You shouldn’t praise your horse until the riding session is over.
  • 13
    Horses require lots of care and the proper supplies.
  • 14
    There is a correct lead in the trot, but not in the can'ter or gallop.
  • 15
    You always have to wear heeled boots while riding a horse.
  • 16
    You must be riding a horse that is suitable for you depending on your weight.

  • 17
    When going over a jump, you must always release the reins slightly.
  • 18
    The correct order for tacking up a horse is: saddle pad, girth, saddle, bridle.
  • 19
    Horses can be kept in a stall all day and night if that is what the owner prefers.
  • 20
    Slow/lazy horses require spurs and or a whip/crop.

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208 days ago
GAAAHHH! So many questions about jumping! I don't even ride english! Listen the people below.
1094 days ago
This is in accurate I agree with what the other two comments said :/
1149 days ago
This is very poorly written I agree what the other comment said :/
1781 days ago
This quiz is very inaccurate. Some of the questions have nothing to do with how much you know about horses. :/