How To Know If A Guy Likes You! 100% Accurate

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Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? Well, we are about to bring you THE most accurate test for finding out! Good luck, and hope you get the answer you want!: D

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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3 days ago
Ready for your result? I He is head-over-heels for you! Yay! Don't worry about a thing - just ask him out. Or you could wait a little while and drop hints for him to ask you, but personally, I wouldn't risk him meeting someone else while you're waiting. Just go for it!

Okay so first I'm in Middle School. And second, I really hope so but doubt it.
4 days ago
So he asked me to go in the shower with him, I laid down don the floor he put my head on his lap, he called me babygirl when wanted to know my crush he was like "tell me the one of your dreams baby girl~" do
So what does that mean I'm hella confused
4 days ago
I just did this quiz randomly and answered randomly too because I have no love life and I’m so sad.
5 days ago
Ready for your result? I He is head-over-heels for you! Yay! Don't worry about a thing - just ask him out. Or you could wait a little while and drop hints for him to ask you, but personally, I wouldn't risk him meeting someone else while you're waiting. Just go for it!
6 days ago
Like like you if you like me meet me at the secret place where we hang
7 days ago
me and this guy have a LOT of history but he lost feelings.... i think he jokingly kept like poking me and putting his hand on my thigh then started to hold my hand then this year he ran over to me and grabed my hand to feel my pulse then after I dod the same( after a class where we learned how on our wrists) feeling his heart pound made my heart race ive liked him for a year and idk wut 2 do he knows i used to like him but he doent know i caught feelings again
8 days ago
Can someone pls help me??? I need ideas on how to flirt in HS and how to approach him.
9 days ago
I like this guy and we're both freshman and he like stares at me every class (we have 5 together) and he smiles at me, and his best friend laughs and looks from one of to the other, and makes jokes and has even said "hey, look. it's your girlfriend!", to him and he sits by me in class (seating chart) and looks at me the whole time and omg. his friend even said we should go to homecoming together and he's all "hell no", and blushes. I laugh awkwardly and he and his friend think I'm smart but I'm not and that I'm pretty but I'm not that cute and they call me all these nicknames (he's only said my name like twice) and it's so cute and funny. I like him, and his best friend said he rlly likes me and then asked if i liked him and he was right there so i just shrug and grin a little and say "I dunno", and his friend starts going crazy. "Dude, she likes you!", he cries. It was so awkward. sometimes i think he likes me sometimes not. and my sister likes this guy too, sooo yeah, and his brother and i have this weoird relationship ever since i tried to get hima nd my bff together (did not work out well at all) and omg. i need advice and some ways to flirt in hs.
11 days ago
ok first try to talk to him more laugh at his jokes
12 days ago
OK, so I'm a freshman in high school, and there's this boy who's in my World Geography class, and TBH, I think he likes me, and I like him back, but I'm so confused!!!! Everyone says he's a player, and I'm like UGhhhh. He says I'm cute and he calls me "cutie" but the only time we see each other is that class! HELP!!!!!
13 days ago
Thanks for this this guy I hang out with keeps making really stupid and dirty jokes around me not to mention a bit of other stuff so this helped thanks
14 days ago
So, I bumped into him on our way to class and he asked me if He looked ok. He said he would restyled his hair if I wanted him to and I was like umm,,. And I my head is was like Omg why is it me he’s asking?
15 days ago
I did did the test when I asked he liked me such good work
16 days ago
He is head over heels for me but I don’t like him (he is a kid in my grade and is so shy and stuff and I am really popular but ugly and he always looks at me when I walk past but no one else he sits by himself a lot and if I walk past with my guy friend aiden he looks sad or annoyed but like I said I don’t not like him but I hate breaking peoples hearts)
17 days ago
Ok, so last year(freshman year), I was kind of in a love triangle. But some drama happened between me, one of the boys and his sister. So now I still like the other one. We are in band together and we walk together from the gym to band and to the next class. He was really quiet and shy when I first met him. Whenever I see him, I just smile like an 💗. I'll see him in the hall way and when we make eye contact, he always smiles. And when we are in band, we play footsies and basically tap each other on the foot. He holds the door open for me Everytime. When k was on crutches he literally raced me to the door to hold it open for me. He encourages me and tells me I'll do great, I'm smart, and how I'm good enough. I steel his pencils everyday and keep them in my band binder. This has been going on for almost two years now.But a couple days ago my friend told him he should ask me out. I would like to date him but I'm not allowed to. And I'm not so positive he likes me back. What should I do????????? Do you think he likes me to?
19 days ago
Dont want to be like the rest of the girls here but this kid hes my best friend for almost a year now and last year he asked me out but i didn't feel comfortable dating anyone so thats what i told him. About six months later i was sick of the teasing from all our friends (we hang in the same friend group) so i friend zoned him in front of everyone. Around 4 months later he starts dating a really good friend of mine, but he still looks at me different and talks to me like were a thing. And i like him, like a lot but idk what to do???
23 days ago
okay so I told myself, im not going to have a crush this year and try to focus more on my schoolwork and grades and guess who came along, a new student. He is a boy in my grade and omigosh he is so freaking attractive I get nervous every time im around him. During school ill catch him staring at me or he'll catch me staring at him sometimes, and he always seems to be around me or somewhat close to me. He is in the other class and we haven't talked to each other at all but we make ALOT of eye contact. He is also friends with my best friends crush so thats nice. I've smiled at him one time and he smiled back. Honestly im taking this test cuz im still debating wether he likes me or not.. im kinda good friend with his friends so I plan on using this as a way to talk to him later in the future.. so yeah, thats my life
24 days ago
So I really like this guy and I’ve been his friend for at least a year and I’m friends with his sister (she knows I like him) and we talk a lot and I feel like I can tell him everything and he feels the same for me and I just am absolutely in love with him but I’m not sure if he likes me. He’s the type of guy to be nice to everyone but the only girls he talks to are me and his sister. We have hugged and touched and he teases me sometimes usually just when I’m laughing. We hang out a lot and we talk about him coming and hanging out all the time. I feel like he flirts with me but I’m not actually positive. He says he feels like he’s not ready to date (which I respect) but also that he’s not good enough for dating which is so not true cuz he’s perfect. I only want the best for him but I also want to know if he likes me and idk if I should just ask Him out and risk ruining the friendship, just wait for me to be positive that he likes me, or just wait for him to make the move overall...? I just feel like ughh idk i just really truly like him but we r also great friends so idk... please please pleaseeeeeee someone help me cuz I truly need it

Love struck dummy😍
25 days ago
Ok, so there’s this boy in my math class... and when he stares at me i stare but then we looked away... I have talked to him sometimes.. but hes rlly niceeeeee... and ughhhh i dont know does he like me 😂😂
25 days ago
I am not really sure but my friends saint he likes me so I did this test to find out but I am not sure if I like him back