How To Know If A Guy Likes You! 100% Accurate

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Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? Well, we are about to bring you THE most accurate test for finding out! Good luck, and hope you get the answer you want!: D

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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11 hours ago
he is in my 4th period on A days and he sits a row behind me and i usually look back and he is there on his phone but then looks up and stares at me and makes me laugh. Once he came up and sat in front of my desk and i was talking to his friend and then i look over and he's looking at me with his gorgeous brown eyes! it happened twice and i instantly swooned over his eyes cause why not he is my friend and i like him more than that. but the crappy part is that he has been in a off and on relationship with his ex and i casually pretend that i am not crushing on him because i don't want to mess with his senior girl . another haha he's a sophomore and i'm a junior. And all my friends are telling me to go for him and i'm like i'm gonna wait bc i don't know if he'll get back together with his girl or not so im keeping it on the down low for now.
15 hours ago
So i'm 13. Turning 14 in October. My crush which i'll call "Cheese", and the girl he talks to "Friend". Okay, here we go. So he used to say "Wassup" to me everyday, talk to me, make jokes from here and there, and ask me questions about the work. But one day, I guess he somehow found out I liked him, and he didn't talk to me anymore. Or not as much as he used to... Which I honestly miss, I can't lie. Then like a week or two passed, and he started talking to one of my friends, he started saying "Wassup" to her every day, he makes jokes all the time with her, he always asks her questions about the work, and a lot of things to this day. There's nothing I can do. I still like him, and it makes me feel sad, but no one can see it because imma master, but yea. 2 weeks ago , the week before spring break, we had a sub, because all the teachers I had were going on a field trip with over 90% of the kids in my classes. In my 4th period, History, there were like 10 kids. And since Cheese sits next to me but one seat above:
- - Cheese - Friend -
- Me - - -

I don't remember if she was at the field trip or not, most likely not, but I dont remember so I'm not sure. I remember I was showing another friend the Teletubbies picture of Tinkie-Winkie with Dipsie. I hope that's how you spell it. I told him, "Doesn't it look like he's choking Dispie?" (Dark I know, sorry) And he said, "Ya but why are you watching that?" I said, " I'm not I'm scared of them." And all of a sudden Cheese turns around and says, "Scared of what?" And I said, "The Teletubbies." Then he stood up, walked over to me. He asked for my phone so he could search something up to show me. It was called Hold Me I'm Scared. Or I think that's what it was, so I saw it, and yes it creeped me out. I get scared/creeped out easily. But the thing is that when he was searching it up, he was right next to me, his shoulder touching mine. That made me happy but uncomfortable at the same time. :) And then he went back to not talking to me. I wish I could get over him but when I try to, I just cant. And this survey isn't helping. It said "He's falling head over knees for you!!" Yea... Sure... We'll for those who read this long story, thanks for listening. I needed someone to tell. My best friend left me for a new group of friends. Well she still hangs out with me.. During 1st period P.E. and sometimes later but that's not often. Well thanks again, and bye! I'm going to play some videos games. If you have advice of anything, feel free to tell me! I need all the advice I can get. And I tried making this as understandable and neat as possible. Bye!!! ❤
16 hours ago
I’ve had classes with this boy since the beginning of 9th grade, and to be honest I didn’t even kno he existed during 9th grade but, he I thought he was cute. When 10th grade started I started to notice him a lot more. I mean a lot. Only after the first week though. We used to sit by each other for assigned seats and I remember breaking the barrier by walking in almost late and on video chat call with some friends from a different school. I sit down and he looks at me and asks “are you on the phone” and I was like “yeah look” I laughed a little and explained, “hey y’all this is Thomas” he smiled and waved. I ended the chat before class started and continuously from that moment on, the flirting began. I mean like major flirting. I really wish I could deny it but, I can’t. Lots happened over a couple of months time and I just continued to like him. My friend told him I liked him infront of me and his response was heartbreaking and confusing. He said “really? Blushed, hid his face, was all smiley, and then said he had a girlfriend. The worst part? His girlfriend is my cousins cousin and she’s literally amazing and I feel so guilty of my feelings. Cause it’s many months later after he found out and he does still act like he used to. He continues to stare at me, not as openly though. He teases me from time to time, like it’s not unusual if he doesn’t. If I’m talking, which when i talk it is not to him, he will start asking questions and act interested of what I say. He is always the one to instigate conversation as well. Also did I say he looks at me a lot? Like a lot ? Oh and did I say he knows I like it when he looks at me, like he knows that when he looks at me it does something. I don’t know everything he does because if I look up and see him looking at me he doesn’t look away, I do. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I am so exhausted of this situation and I think I have some type of an attachment that i can’t seem to give up, lord knows I’ve tried.
Other than that, ig it's fine
OR ON 8!!! I KNOW HIS FRIENDS, (HE HAS FRIENDS), but they don't smile and laugh!! no help
This quiz needed more options on some of their questions. For example, on question 6 (does he treat you different from other girls), I don't know, but he doesn't have a girlfriend.....
2 days ago
Hello! My name is Sophie and I have a problem-o! There is this boy that sits by me in class. He stares at me ALL the time. He also try's to get me to talk to him. Like the other day we were passing around something in class. Well me and my friend at the same table and we were done with the stapler( the thing we were passing around in class) and we gave it to his table and they clearly saw that we already got it because my friend through it on the table! Oops!#no❤accident! But once they were done with it for some reason he passed it on to to Me! Like he sat it on top of my stack of stuff! It might not seem like a big deal but he is always trying to talk me!!!!! He is always showing off like doing push ups right in front of me! YEAH...WEIRD! He is always staring at me too and sometimes i literally catch him looking at me and our eyes make contact and his deep blue eyes look at my green eyes and it reals like magic. But he has never asked me out or has made a move to like hold my hand. Ugh! BOYS!!!!🙄 How do I keep him attracted to me so he will keep the magic going because I think just maybe...I like him... just a little bit.
7 days ago
First I have asked him out but he had a girlfriend when I did and second we go to the same school third today he let me use his jacket so I don’t know if I should go for it
11 days ago
i cant tell if he likes me, we stare so etimes, and sometimes we copy each other, he is really smart but i dont know if he would like me because he is sporty, and im shyunconfident and not sporty at all, in fact i hate sports, anyway he talks to my friend alot and i hate it, but she is les and i dont want him to like her, but now they are doing student councill shifts together and i feel like he likes her, and not me >:OH WELL SADNESS BLUUUUEEE
12 days ago
i do not realy no beacause he is new to the school amd in the classroom nextdoor and we are only 8-10
14 days ago
I would love to believe my crush likes me, he told me himself that he'd love to call me a girlfriend one day, but I'm starting to doubt it more and more as each day passes. At this point, my heart is saying I want him and my brain is telling me to forget about him. This quiz said he was head over heels, but he honestly doesn't really act like it. He, in fact, doesn't even try to sit next to me in the morning when I'm hanging out with my guy friends. I dunno, guess I'm just lost. I've even asked him to lunch and he didn't even reply-
14 days ago
I don't know if i should tell the boy that i like him.But other girls talk to him
14 days ago
I think a boy in my class likes me.Because we stare.
14 days ago
I'm sorry didn't mean to type that that was my brother
14 days ago
My crush raped me
14 days ago
I think he likes me but he is older and his friends make fun of him when I am involved and so I think he is embarrassed. I guess nothing is going to happen then aha .
15 days ago
my crush is like my bff
15 days ago
my crush held my hand in front of a group that we were in and always nods his head at me and waits for me t my locker.
16 days ago
My crush told me he liked me and I’m not sure if he likes me because he’s very and I mean very bipolar....but I really like him!
20 days ago
There's this boy that I really like and this said he likes me too. I don't think he likes me because we are just really good friends. I can't ask him out because I'm not allowed to date and my friend is his ex. Please help!