How To Know If A Guy Likes You! 100% Accurate

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Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? Well, we are about to bring you THE most accurate test for finding out! Good luck, and hope you get the answer you want!: D

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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22 minutes ago
Mady Try asking his friends if he likes you. If they say yes, he might have told them. They know him the best so trust them.
It seems like you’re really good friends if you have a handshake.
Eye contact is a great sign.
Guys don’t give their hoodies to just anyone.
27 minutes ago
So, I’m in need of some help. There’s this guy at my school that I really like. Earlier this year, he gave me his hoodie, even though I technically asked for it. He’s done some other things like eye contact and we have a handshake too. Some guys think he likes me, but some of his friends don’t know. I don’t really think he does, but part of me wants to believe it.
35 minutes ago
Anonymous Me-
Ok! That’s good!
But, one of the biggest mistakes people make while crushing on someone is waiting for the other to ask out first. You’re both nervous and doing the same thing. Just throwing that out there.
You’re welcome for the advice!
55 minutes ago
143- No! Your fine. Your advice is actually helpful thank you.
My school has a field trip tomorrow and I’m in the same team building group so maybe I’ll try to hint at him a little more? Idk, I really want to ask him out but I’m really shy and wish he would just ask me out instead. Anyways....thanks!
12 hours ago
Guys, if this isn’t helpful tell me and I’ll stop
12 hours ago
On this site and it’s made my #TheGlisteningPizza. There’s also a love note fanfic by Kloe.
12 hours ago
Crush Love Note Ideas is a fanfic
12 hours ago
When you talk to him at your locker, slip a note 📝 under the door. That way you can get it over with and you don’t have to talk to him. Make it very clear what you want to tell him—don’t try to hint at it. Use Crush Love Note Ideas if you want to
12 hours ago
Smile at him.
Shoot him glances
Make eye contact
When you talk to him, say his name (but don’t overdo it)
Break the touch barrier gradually (tap him on the shoulder, high five him, etc. then move on to hugs possibly)
Play with your hair around him
Blush (it’s been proven to make you look more attractive)
Buy him gifts
Butt in on conversation
Follow him around
Hold his hand or hug before you know each other
13 hours ago
Well, everyone is different so he could just see you as a good friend. You are the one that knows him the best, so...but if he also comes to you when he’s upset, he probably started depending on you for sympathy or something. And eventually he’ll like you if it keeps happening.
13 hours ago
Whoa I think he’s smitten with you! He: broke the touch barrier, called you “hot” (like seriously) and plays with your emotions. Although the playing with your emotions could mean he’s manipulating you so tread carefully
13 hours ago
Anonymous Me-
That’s adorable and I think he likes you. Honestly it’d be better to admit to it and start dating him than to keep enduring teasing and shippers of you two.
To be completely honest, I ship you guys too ;)
13 hours ago
Ocean yeah I agree that not all crushes are found at school. I have a crush from taekwondo 🥋
13 hours ago
I think he does like you! Pay attention to what he does around the other girls.
Also if he risked not getting the goal to be sure you were safe—I think that’s adorable and he actually cares about you.
13 hours ago
Sry that might have been confusing
It seems as if the teasing goes on even if they aren’t dating or have confirmed that they like each other. So admitting to it could only make it better cuz they can stand up for themselves together!
13 hours ago
Maybe start teasing him about the other girl you aren’t sure if he likes. Observe what he does around her and tease him about it!
Also see if he stares at the other girls the same way.
I don’t think it’s coincidence that he stares at you though.
You could also tease him afterwards he stares at you. Smile back when he does stare too
So, here's my story. I like this guy, and he's in a grade lower than mine. Let's call him "Ethan." Somehow, we got into the same PE class, because my school has mixed PE classes. He keeps looking over in my direction during PE, and sometimes just stares right at me, even when I make eye contact with him (he doesn't look away). Ethan also has many friends who are girls, and I can't tell if he likes one of his friends. He's the outgoing and friendly type of person, but I don't know about that when it comes to him liking someone. Somehow, I can see him everytime I buy something from the snack line at school with my friends, and this Halloween, I saw him at the neighborhood (not our neighborhood, we're neighbors, btw) that my friend and I were going, to go hang over at my friend's place. Is there any advice on what I should do now, and if he likes me or not? Because I told him last year that I liked him, and ever since then, he's barely texted me or said "hi" to me (he's the type of person that thinks that when you like someone, you'll like them until you tell him that you like someone else). Is it because he thinks that I don't like him anymore, or is he just the shy type when it comes to liking someone?
2 days ago
Okay so mt friend likes him and he likes her? Bur he doesn't wanna date her bc he keeps getting teased so... Somone help me
9 days ago
Oops the first heart was supposed to say “be quiet ‘blank”” it wouldn’t let me say the other word, lol. The second heart wasn’t supposed to say jerk
9 days ago
Ok, I’m adding on some things that I forgot to mention because I really need help. Here is my story if you didn’t read it before (Now i sound selfish, sorry).
Ok, I need help. There’s this guy that i’ve known for like, forever. I’ve known him since 1st grade where we were in the same class and now we are in the same class again and we are in 8th grade. Anyways I liked him a little bit then, and I think he liked me when we were little. I’ve caught him staring at me, and he needed “help” on his art project. He came to me, asking what I thought of it and together we worked on it. I think we were kinda flirting then cause we were standing really close and joking around at how bad his artwork was. That was in like, September. He’s told me a couple of times how I should be in the smart kid math group instead of the regular one, and that we should trade places. SO I decided to tread I bit further and ask if he was saying that I was smart. He blushed slightly and said “yeah”. Our friends are constantly shipping us together and lately people have been saying that we should go on a date. Once his friend asked him during truth or dare who’s he thought was the prettiest girl in the school and he said one of my friends. The guy who asked her was already dating that girl and she is really pretty, and a good friend. Anyways everyone who was playing kinda looked at me and then at him and it was weird. A week or so after that I was teasing him about getting back together with his old girlfriend whom he hates and she hates him and everyone teases them about it. He said that he’s desperate for a girlfriend. Also, once at a school dance I had to hug him as a dare and he kinda just stood there, it was awkward for the both of us. So I don’t know if he likes me or if he's just a player or if he is just really desperate. HELP me.
Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t like me anymore. The first time people starting to ship us was when I was helping him with his art project. One of my friends and one of his friends were giggling and whispering and pointing at us and then making my name: my first name, his last name. And then making ship names for us. It was annoying and awkward since we were standing really close and having a good time together. I thought it would be one of those things where our friends would see us once and ship us and then it would never happen again. But then later they kept shipping us whenever we were together and then me and him starting not sitting/standing or talking as much. BUT OUR FRIENDS KEEP SHIPPING US. Like, even when we aren’t together. Like today, I was just walking past a group where there was my friend and her boyfriend (who is also my crushes friend) and another girl and my crush were, My crush is kinda the class clown so he was saying something stupid in a stupid voice. I said “💗 ‘blank’” I was teasing him. Then the friend of my crush said: “don’t you see ‘blank’ and ‘blank’ together?” In like, a really serious tone and he is one of those people who jokes around about everything, Then everyone in the group was like “yeah, I can”. And I said “nooooooooo!” Like the 💗 I am. Cause we were in front of a group and EVERY SINGLE TIME people ship us we just say l “no way”. Cause I mean WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SAY. He is kinda a weird person and if I dated him then people would be like “you’re actually dating him!? Why?!” BUT I LIKE HIM. So........WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO