How To Know If A Guy Likes You! 100% Accurate

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Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? That's, like, just about ALL of us! Well, good news, because we are about to bring you THE most accurate test for finding out the truth! Good luck, and I hope you get the answer you want!: D

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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12 days ago
mine is no because he doesn't tell his friends who he has a crush on he has lots of friends there is this girl that is MY BEST FRIEND IN THE ENITRE WORLD who likes him and i asked if he liked her back he said yes but i dont know if he does
12 days ago
Apparently he is head over heals for me. This is what I'm worried about. All the tests say this, but I already have a crush so I feel bad for him because I don't think about or like him that way. Plus, he's 4 years older than me so it's sorta awkward. But we have also known each other for 4 years. It's so confusing.
13 days ago
were like, 12 and we only do tiktoks and stuff and i asked him out. he said no.
14 days ago
That’s a hard one. Maybe ask your family if you look like Meg? She’s a pretty girl so hopefully he was saying it positively. Also compare your hair texture to Meg, that’s a big factor, and your style and personality.
14 days ago
Get off this site if all you want is a 💗. Not the place for it. And stop messing around with these girls, they want advice or confirmation. Not a boyfriend online (or girlfriend, depending)
14 days ago
Please please please report him for stealing your stuff! And also, don’t date him!
Yeah I think he likes you! Although, the fact that he doesn’t like your bro is very concerning because tbh that’s your family and it’s the one ☝️ thing in life that you can’t choose. You can, however, choose someone who appreciates all of you and all your family. The Spice Girls song Wannabe also is a good example. Except, family never ends. Soooo I don’t think you should keep going for him unless he starts liking your bro.
Everyone Else-
I agree. The quiz is inaccurate and untrustworthy. Pls come to the comment section and explain your situation for more accurate details.
15 days ago
This Quiz really 💗because he doesn't even know me and it said he is head over heels for me. Like what the heck? I also went back and click the most negative ones and my result was still Head Over Heels. Do not believe anything this quiz says please.
15 days ago
This guy asked for my number and I said ‘ never gonna get it ‘ then he stole all my stuff then asked if I wanted to go to the library with him
16 days ago
i like this guy named charlie. he's cute but not that smart...
19 days ago
I don’t really have a crush on him
20 days ago
I don't really have a crush but I do like Dylan kingwell
20 days ago
it said he likes me I asked my sister if it's true she said it's a scam but I donno
21 days ago
It says that he likes me, but I know that that isn't true...........
23 days ago
I think this quiz could use some REAL work, there needs to be more questions and more different results. This quiz was a compleate dissopiontment and I think that none of the results are acuret. There needs to be more questions! I feel bad for the poor people that listened to this quiz, I got "head over heels" but I found that it was extremely inaccurate and learned the hard way. Do not listen to this quiz, it is horrible. Pls, I don't want you to have the same fate as me.
25 days ago
WHat did the quiz say but my advice would to be tell him who cares
28 days ago
I said he doesn’t notice me but apparently he’s head over heals for me
28 days ago
he likes you but my crush doesnt like my bro
29 days ago
So i like a guy who i have known from kindergarten and we were best friends there. Now in school we have a friend group which only has him, me and 3 other boys. The others are like brothers to me but my crush lets name him Jon, is different because i have a HUGE crush on him and i think he likea me too. He stares at me and when i catch him we burst in to laughter. He is also very protective of me if someone insults me. He invites me to play minecraft, csgo and other games (yes im a gamer girl) i have been making moves on mih a few weeks and we have grown closer together. He always wants to help me like game settings or school work. What do you guys think? Respond ASAP
30 days ago said he is head over heels for me...are you sure this is accurate? I'm friendzoned...he's one of those flirty guys, I think it would be obvious if he liked me(though we do have a weird friend dynamic)
32 days ago
ok so i was on the bus and the winddow was foggy so i wrote hoe on the window cause im dum so my crush says why did you wright hoe i said i dont know and left it alone okay pause this story real quik keep oin mind this guy already knew i liked him okay back to the other story so thi b i c h rylee yells do you like brayden i said no and gave an excuse of why i dont like him and he hering this to so after rylee said that he said that i used to