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Where are the marks located on the guild members? how well do you know where they are? do you pay attention/ Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Natsu's guild mark is located on his left shoulder
  • 2
    Lucy's mark is pink
  • 3
    Erza's mark is located across her left arm in blue
  • 4
    Gray's mark is located on his chest in green
  • 5
    Happy and Carla both have their marks on their backs.
  • 6
    Wendy's mark is bright pink
  • 7
    Romeo's mark is the same colour as Wendy's
  • 8
    Laxus's mark is on his back in black
  • 9
    Lisanna's mark is on the back of her right hand
  • 10
    Leo/ loke has a guild mark even though people know he is a spirit

Comments (9)


ObsessiveFairytailPsycho (08077)
28 days ago
Too yeeeeesssssyyyyy yeettt
Fairytail Fan (74665)
31 days ago
Most Of The Answers Were Incorrect! 😡ANGER FILLS MY BODY
Why should I tell you my name? (28252)
130 days ago
This is the first time where all of the comments are correctly punctuated! Except for Choden's and Unknown... but oh well.
Choden (40586)
223 days ago
Lisanna's is on her thigh
Unknown (44837)
223 days ago
I couldn"t see the correct Answers ;-;
Cat (07018)
225 days ago
Ummmm whare is Lisanna's gild mark? So sorry I know Iam taking this quiz about knowing ware thare gild marks are but I just don't know ware it is. At least I know it's not on the back of her right hand.😅😑😬😐
hi (06567)
226 days ago
It says it is not on his his left shoulder for Natsu but it is.
Reannah (73402)
232 days ago
Oh well.
Sorry bout dat, common mistakes if it must be. but maybe Wendy's shade is different to Romeo's.
natsu (15990)
234 days ago
QUIZ says Romeo's mark is same colour as Wendy's but it is the same colour as Natsu's.