Are you Lesbian, Bisexual or Straight?

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This quiz is designed to find out whether you are lesbian or just bisexual with a preference! The answers in this test are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, it just goes off the most likely outcome!<3 this only works for girls but I will make a quiz for guys soon^-*

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    Firstly, have you ever kissed another girl?

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5 days ago
This is so fake it says bi everytime!
5 days ago
Ok ......i dont know What to doooo
11 days ago
I guessed on all of them and got bisexual I thought I was gonna get STOP GUESSING likes all the other answers I’ve gotten
71 days ago
Bi but more into guys. I’m straight but think girls look pretty. My parents don’t believe in bi, I think I’m straight so all good. I’ll just be an LGBTQ+ supporter. 🙌
76 days ago
I got bi I kind of figured, though, because I had a crush on a girl and guy before I'm so happy to find out what I am and I'm pretty sure my parents will understand (there Christian but it doesn't make a difference if they're understand or not right?)
81 days ago
Phew! Im bisexual owo"
84 days ago
I don't know if I'm bi or a lesbian but I'm a Christian or as I call myself a Christ follower and I'm afraid to talk to my parents about it. I'm just confused and want someone to understand me
90 days ago
im bi/lesbian i have had a few boy crushes but im more atracted to girls im really confused about my sexuality.
108 days ago
This quiz says I’m bi (with a preference to girls) but some other quizzes have said I’m lesbian? I think I’m bi tho. I started to realise that I might be lesbian/ bi when I started ur 7 this year when u couldn’t stop finding myself staring at one of my now best friends. What put it all into picture tho was when I had one of my new friends round to a sleepover and we ended up sort of making out and I’ve sort of thought from then am I bi/lesbian? I have been worried about this tho like how do I tell my parents? My mum has always said to me ‘so you feel like a boy trapped in a girls body? I will be happy to accept if u do...’ but she has never said anything like do u like girls instead of/and boys? So I’m not sure whether to tell her. The same girl I had the sleepover with is now my sort of crush but I don’t know how to tell her. I thought we could organise anothere sleepover or have a ‘play date’. I just want some reassurance on all of this I’m a bit overwhelmed I think. Add me ok snapchat:hebester64 and reply to me with urs please if u don’t mind talking. Thanks I rlly need some help rn. I’m going through a hard time or moving house, my brother recently does and now this. I just want someone to talk to as I don’t think all of my friends will accept me. And what to do about my crush? Thank soooooo much I’m so confused
112 days ago
Hmmm... I got bi with a guy preference. I think I'm actually bi-curious, but I was hoping for straight because of my Christian family and school. My dad is also against LGBTQ ppl...
135 days ago
I'm bisexual but I have a preference for girls.I've kissed guys before. But I feel like this was more accurate because I'm actually like girls better than guys. (13 year old girl btw)
164 days ago
This was not accurate!!!
214 days ago
i already knew I was gay
224 days ago
Hi! I'm a teenage girl with a Christian family (I'm Christian too) but I'm pretty sure I'm bi or at least bi curious. How do I tell my parents or should I tell them at all (my mom is actually nervous about having a lesbian/gay kid and while I'm not lesbian....) What do I do?!
226 days ago
This isn't accurate. It's just that I never had a crush before.
245 days ago
@Hi_peeps, you should tell them, because they are your parents, and they will love you no matter what. These are your parents, after all. Also, a word of advise: don't assume your orientation until you have experienced how it feels for yourself. A quiz saying you are bi doesn't mean that you are. You could just be straight and get turned on by girls, or bi-curious. Whatever you decide, though, should be something you decide for yourself that you really believe, something you are absolutely convinced is true. Sorry, I didn't mean to preach, and I wish you the best of luck coming out!
256 days ago
Straight up lesbian and never been prouder!🏳🌈🏳🌈
308 days ago
I came out to my mom and she was so accepting I'm so glad...
313 days ago
I'm bi. Im 13 almost 14, thought I was, and am really happy having found out. Have taken a few quizzes and tests to find out, all of them either said I'm bi or lesbian. So I guess bi, but prefer girls ( haven't actually had a crush on a girl yet, only on 2 guys) Am kinda happy having found out!!Yayyy!! ❤🌈
Have only told my eldest sister, don't know if I should tell my family yet as we're moving country soon and I don't want to add smth to their stress or thoughts. Think they'll accept it though... how should I tell them? Pls any advice?
332 days ago
Im Bi. I KNEW IT!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈