Does She Like You? (Lesbian)

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  • 1
    How often do you talk?
  • 2
    Are you two close/good friends?
  • 3
    How often does she text/call you?
  • 4
    Who starts the conversations (if you guys talk)?
  • 5
    Do her friends know you/are they friends with you?
  • 6
    Has she talked about wanting a partner?
  • 7
    Has she confirmed her sexuality to you?
  • 8
    Have you ever caught her staring at you?
  • 9
    Does she have a S.O?
  • 10
    Have they ever made any “moves”? (touching arm, holding hand, etc.)
  • 11
    How close have you two gotten?
  • 12
    Have they flirted with you?
  • 13
    Do they make eye contact with you while speaking?
  • 14
    How much do you like her? (on a scale from 1-10)
  • 15
    LAST QUESTION! How much do you think she likes you? HONESTLY?

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25 days ago
i personally don’t think it’s good to straightforwardly ask her what her sexuality is. maybe you could tell her what your sexuality is and she could either tell you her sexuality or something else, so that’s pretty much a 50/50 chance. i don’t want to push you to tell her your sexuality if you’re not ready yet, so instead, you could bring up an lgbt topic and see what goes on from there.
31 days ago
So, i have got this Problem... I really really really like her but i often think she is just Using me. I met her a few years ago in school, she joined my class in 3rd grade. No we are on the same school but in different classes, because she lives almost next to me we always go to school together but otherwise we don't really talk... I do sometimes play computer games with her but she often doesn't have time to play.. And I think my bff really likes me which is not good cause I only like her as a best friend and as said I like this other girl... P.S I German so my english ain't the best
48 days ago
Hello! This girl (who is one of my close friends) that I like has began semi-flirting with me. She has started playfully hitting my leg and arm, she constantly wants to be close to me, and she smiles/stares at me a lot. I just don’t know if she’s queer or not... What would be the best way to find out her sexuality without directly asking her?Enter here your text you want to formatEnter here your text you want to format
57 days ago
Ello, I keep coming back here and posting updates idk y, well I mean its prbly coz I dont actually have anyone to talk to in irl. Anyways- theres this girl, I fell in love with dis child. Im bi. And I already knew (coz she told me) that she's lesbian. So I was like ok cool. Everyone of our friends have said she likes me but she hasnt asked me out yet;c instead wat happend was, this other girl asked her out and she mf said YES I was heart broken for a couple days, then I found out they broke up. Idk I really like her -o- we've kissed before 0-0 and we hug almost everytime we see each other .-.
69 days ago
Sadness 😭😢 ok I'm good now 😁 ( the inside of me is like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢)
80 days ago
lol she my gf I hope she likes me
95 days ago
Do I like her or love her?? I’m confused, she’s my best friend and it’s just really weird and confusing
95 days ago
I haaave to ask her who she likes just to see what she does/says
101 days ago
Nah, this test is a lie she doesn’t like me, I told her today and she also said she didn’t like girls soo not an oof...
121 days ago
She told me that she really liked me but she isn’t sure if it is a date-sort-of crush.
I have loved her for a year now and she mostly wants to date me but she has a girlfriend who doesn’t like her and who she doesn’t like.
Its kind of a dilemma cuz she likes and I have this big crush...
133 days ago
The thing is, these test don't really help me because i might just be misreading the signs, or picking the answer i want. I think she might like me, but i'm not sure. At least i know that she is pan too, so i have a chance. Y'know, i sometimes wonder if she has taken one of these tests about me and if she commented about it............
140 days ago
O.M.GRAVY. SHE LIKES ME. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
298 days ago
There's th is good girl I know, we used to Ben good friends but now shes more popular and we have one of the same friends so we not talk that much. I have seen her looking at me, I mean I am unnaturally tall and I don't look like a lot of other people so.... She hasn't kind of hinted that she might like me, she kept tryna talk to me at someone's birthday party one time.... LOL IDEK
338 days ago
listen, my experience is legit that i met this girl at my all girls catholic high school, and i fell hard for her. she gives me so many hints, she holds eye contact for so long that i literally stop looking at her when i speak, but she flirts and kisses so many guys, and i honestly don’t even know if she is interested in an actual relationship.
get to know the person first, or else you’ll get hurt- like me.
434 days ago
There’s only a slight chance of her liking you. That doesn’t mean she HATES you, but she might just want to be friends. This is the first test I’ve made, so don’t blame me! Keep talking to her. Even if you don’t know her, try talking to her friends first. I’m not a love expert, lol

Welp, I knew I was hopeless anyways, LOL.