Am I lesbian? (girls only)

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If you are wondering if your lesbian take this quiz! This is a quiz with carefully formulated questions to help you figure out witch category you fall in: straight as heck, bi, or full lesbian

  • 1
    What is your age? (Will not affect the answer)?
  • 2
    Do you often find yourself daydreaming about dating someone the same gender as you?
  • 3
    A cute girl comes up to you and starts flirting with you, what do you do?
  • 4
    A boy starts flirting with you, what do you do?
  • 5
    You think you have a crush on your best girlfriend, you do what?
  • 6
    Do you like the rainbow?
  • 7
    Do you think you should ever kiss a girl?
  • 8
    Do you like boys?
  • 9
    Are you transgender?
  • 10
    What do you think you are?

Comments (30)


Unknown little goat (13574)
4 days ago
So according to this quiz I’m bi and I think I like my best friend but I also don’t know if I do or not...
Paige (42570)
9 days ago
I love a girl who is going to the same high school as me. But she likes guys. I try hinting to her but I just can't say my feelings for her.
Belen Perales (94638)
10 days ago
I'm straight !!!
Ymayki (30682)
10 days ago
To potato Aaw im exactly the same
YAY! (61689)
15 days ago
yay im "You are bi. You like boys and girls! That’s a step in the right direction! Find more about yourself and you will know more." I have a crush on my gay friend help me tho!
Georgy Trefilov (19488)
16 days ago
they can't tell me what to do
Mezzy (79557)
19 days ago
I'm proud to be 100% Lesbian!💕
go girls (77302)
19 days ago
I'm a liz and don't let people make you thing different
max (34409)
20 days ago
I got bi... Well I'm biromantic but I homosexual so...
Dear🌈😻 (27253)
23 days ago
hell yeah!! I'm a proud 100 lez!! I love me!!
Sandra (10203)
23 days ago
Okay. I'm bi. thanks ;(
Potato (48687)
25 days ago
I have a crush on my female best friend but I like boys too and I got the bisexual result. Noice.
Loner (59351)
27 days ago
OMG! I found out I’m a Lesbian and I’m so happy I’m 100% lesbian💗
Barbara (27043)
28 days ago
I'm bi, that doesn't tell a lot.. 💗?
halo (51574)
30 days ago
bi lol
natasha (23047)
36 days ago
i'm bi lol ik that anyway
Lala (95251)
37 days ago
Lol im bisexual dude !!Gonna form a triangle lmao
Lala (37559)
37 days ago
Dude im bi ! I like everyone
It’s hard (99767)
39 days ago
it’s hard making quizzes. And I found a good one.
LESBIAN (99767)
39 days ago