Does your crush likes you?

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Have you ever thought whether your crush will ever liked you? Personally, I do have a crush and we always talks during recess or lunch. His friends and my friends ship us together and created a ship name. We kinda get awkward and I always say 'Hell, No' But deeply in my heart, I do love him much. So, take this test to see whether your crush likes you. It seems pretty accurate to me but good luck x!

  • 1
    Does your crush know your existence?
  • 2
    Do you catch your crush staring at you often?
  • 3
    Does your friends and your crush's friends ships you guys together?
  • 4
    Does he tease you often?
  • 5
    Does he randomly touch your things example. pencil case, books etc?
  • 6
    Won't be affecting your results but do you think you likes him or just crushing?
  • 7
    When your crush and you sits down on the same table and do your own things, does your crush's friends say like ' ooh.. he must sits with _________"?
  • 8
    Does your crush's friends say like ' Hey, your boyfriend/girlfriend is over there!"?
  • 9
    Does he usually start a conversation?
  • 10
    Does you and your crush have a lot in common like favorite color etc?
  • 11
    Does he walks you home or to a bus stop?
  • 12
    Most importantly, do you like him?

Comments (15)


siddhi (70849)
29 days ago
hi,nadia are you sereious?
Trinity (94226)
32 days ago
Thank you sooooooo much know me and him been dating for six years
Nadia (just a fake name) (68116)
97 days ago
Nadia (just a fake name) (68116)
97 days ago
@Unknown if you search online I think, I actually found this lady's name on Google who is a Love and Romance Expert..
Unknown (83112)
131 days ago
So not accurate like all the other tests I took said he really likes and this one said "No he doesn't like you". I'm confused. . .
Mar Mar (48106)
198 days ago
Bruh I know he likes me even my friends know it
badbabybrooklyn (24553)
228 days ago
He doesn't like me
Elise (43499)
228 days ago
My crush does like me l'm so happy,but it said to hang out with him more to get to no me better or something. But there is one guy in class he won't leave me alone he even said he likes me ew!!!!!!.
Makiah (91188)
229 days ago
OMG my crush likes me 😨😨😨
dieharddolanfan (68116)
229 days ago
lmao.. It's a yes :) I really THINK he likes me all those signs..
girl (68444)
229 days ago
HE DOESNT LIKE ME .... i am so sad , i really LOVE him
Oopsmybad (68116)
229 days ago
Lmao I got a Yes and that I should hang out more.. but I don't know how to speak up.. any suggestions?
Wisegirl07 (73188)
229 days ago
I got a yes and that I should hang out with him more so he can get to know me. Im really confident that he likes me
Samm (68116)
231 days ago
Okay.. It said He may like you but as a friend. I'm heartbroken aff but pretty accurate UGHHH
Rinna (68116)
231 days ago
OMg.. I was shocked about my results :) It is pretty accurate tho because I tried this test and other tests :DD