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I made this quiz to be as accurate as possible - but really, it's up to you. The more accurately you answer the questions, the more accurate your result will be! So - when will you get your first period? Find out now!

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Sophie I think soon if u have discharge
Mazie it could be your period.
4 days ago
Okay so On the 9 of may I got brownish yellow discharge but it only last for two days would that be my first period or is it just spotting again? 😊 also, the same thing happened around the same time last month)
4 days ago
12 13 in December
Wear deodorant everyday normally smell sweat at 4th lesson 2ish
Leg hair noticeable
Have to wash hair every 2 days
5 days ago
Age 11-12
Discharge:a lot everyday
Growth spurt:I don’t know 2inches
Discharge:A lot can feel it in my underwear
Craving:I’m soooo hungry all the time
Breasts:Sometimes hurt size 32a
Cramps: every week or so doesn't hurt immensely
Mood swings:Sometimes
Relationships:kinda I guess
Pubic hair: A lot I have to wax 2yrs
Armpit hair:Noticeable 5months
Leg hair: A LOT mum won’t let me shave till I get my period
Other info:Test said I have 2 months. my mum got hers at age 14 but I’m more developed.
7 days ago
So nervous can someone please tell me what to do due to have my period whilst away on a school trip! Men are so goodness 💗 lucky!Enter here your text you want to format
8 days ago
Age:10 11 this year
Discharge: a lot everyday
Growth Spurt: not really paying attention like 1 inch
Weight: 70
Craving : Nutella and Pringles
Breast: there half of a soft ball
Cramps: every week or so
Mood swings: YES yesterday it was so bad
Wanting a relationship: yes a lot but I know I am young
Acne: a lot of acne
8 days ago
Age: 11 since nov of 2018
Discharge: a lot! Feels like I peed my pants!
Growth spurt: I haven’t paid attention, but I think 2 inches?
Weight: 80
Breast: only breast buds, I have a little bit of shape but I have to cup size. THEY hurt to touch and at random times I feel an immense pain.
Cramps: every week or so I can feel a tiny bit of pain in my lower abdomen
Mood swing: yes. Not horrible but I definitely have at least once each day
Feelings for people: I’ve got out of my “boys got cooties” phase and I have a crush :)
Acne: every time one bump goes away another one appears!
Other info: I’ve been much more tired than usual and eat more than at first.sometimes I feel so moody for no reason! Please help!
8 days ago
Hey can someone give me an estimate of when i will get it? I really want to be a woman. I have had spotting for about 4 months, I’ve had discharge for a year. My 💗 are small but hurt a lot and need support. My hair down there is dark and starting to move upwards. I shave my legs, arms, and armpit. I’m 11. I’ve been craving soooo much food! I’ve been having some randomness cramps but not sure if they a period cramps. I’m 95 lbs. I need to use deodorant every day And reapply 2 x a day. I have wanted a girlfriend (I’m gay) for a long time now. Please answer with an estimate and ask for any more info u need thanks!
9 days ago
@Ajajajnsn I’m guessing 1-4 months as you think you’ve already had spotting.
I’m obvs not an expert but if you get ‘spotting’ it’s probably your first period anyway, as spotting doesn’t really occur in teen girls.
9 days ago
@Mikayla 0-2 months I think! Good luck gurl!
@Vanessa 2-5 months...
@Tessa also 2-5 months
9 days ago
Hey guys, please would someone estimate me! Thanks!
Age: 14 years since January
Weight: 48kg?
B.o.o.b.s: A cup, been growing for 2 years. Hurt a lot when I wake up in the morning.
Pubic Hair: almost full, dark brown, very long and curly
Armpit hair: have to shave every week or so
Discharge: A LOT every day, for about 9 months
Mood swings/feeling hormonal: Umm YES.
Cravings: I’m sooo hungry always!
Cramps: once in a while but not bad
Last growth spurt was more than 6 months ago.
All my friends have their periods...
9 days ago

Age: 12 (13 in 4 months)

Height: about 4'10

Weight: about 80 pounds

VD: yes, since about last June, I have lots everyday and it is whitish yellow.

Spots: I guess?? Kind of?

💗: roundish triangles, size 30AA and hurt a bit

Armpit and hair down there: armpit hair is blonde-ish and been growing for about 5 months, and hair down there is darkish brown and been growing for about a year

Mood swings: yeah probs

Cravings: sometimes

Idk when my mum got hers but my sister got hers at 11

I don't think ive had spotting? I might have that one time but I don't think so.

I sweat a lot lol
9 days ago
Please estimate
12 Year’s old
Mom got it at 13 sister got it at 11
One breast is stage 2 the other is stage 3
Pubic hair is long and brownish
Mom hasn’t small breasts sistster has b cup
💗l discharge is white and a lot Andy dries yellow
Leg hair is lightish Brown
💗 hurt
Lots of cravings
Took many test this one is 2 months others say longer
Got spoting once
Sweat a lot 5 foot 1
95 pounds
Having growth spurts
10 days ago
Please guess me:

Weight: 124.8

Height: 5"3

Armpit hair: Blonde wisps

Pubic hair: Starting to get noticeable

Age: 12

Mom got it when she was 12

Stopped growing after 10

Mood swings happen everyday

Discharge drys in underwear everyday

Bra size: 34A and sometimes hurts but hurts to touch

I get cramps every so often

I shave my legs cause if I don't it looks like a forest.

estimate me plz:)
10 days ago
But never mind!😐😬😮
10 days ago
The result was 2 months or any week now
10 days ago
Omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I got it while I was doing this, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
11 days ago
Can someone estimate me please

Age 14 will be 15 in December

Weigh 81-82

Height 5 foot

Mood swings. Most of the time

Discharge Everyday a lot

A cup -B cup and tender

Cramps a lot

Acne. Some probably around 8- 10 pimples

Cravings. A lot all the time

Leg hair. I Shave

Armpit hair. I shave everyday or every other day

Hair down there. A lot covers most of the area and is curly

Growth spurt 2-3 inches in the past year

Can Someone estimate me please. Thanks
12 days ago
I dunno when I will get it! Like all my friends have it but I don’t 😶