Are you the best boyfriend ever?

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    How many kisses do you give your S/O?

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1611 days ago
I got that I'm a awesome boyfriend!!!
1794 days ago
p.s. its always concentuall with my girlfriend, although she always changes her mind once i take the tape off
1795 days ago
i hate this test my girlfriend cries with tears of joy every nighter suggestion of 🍦 roleplay, you'd think she's actually crying out for help
1795 days ago
I feel I'm the best boyfriend I can be, I only beat her twice a week. our relationship has gotten kind of rocky after I insulted her mother at her own funeral,

she is the best punching bag I've ever had, way better then that whore Stephine.

she had stopped making dinner every night even though she knows what happens if she doesn't do what she's told.(I guess the broken arms don't help.)
1798 days ago
my farfrit thing is jessus
1799 days ago
um it said i beat them?
1825 days ago
i'm the best boyfriend ever YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
1854 days ago
Its was soooo cool and adorbs
Yeah i know right
Tottally i mean u guys are amazing ❤
I kbow he loves u but trush in ❤ if u have to
1854 days ago
Hey i loce this its so cool
1891 days ago
Btw guys, you don’t need a test to tell you that you are the best boyfriend. 😂😂
1891 days ago
Just lookin at another perspective
1918 days ago
love that it doesnt say she all the time
1962 days ago
1964 days ago
1974 days ago
im the best boyfriend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2003 days ago
i'm the best boyfriend ever!!!!!!!!!!!
2003 days ago
I'm a good boyfriend and the best ever!