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10 riddles that will leave your brain knotted up.

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    I have forests but no trees. I have lakes but no water. I have paths but no stone or concrete.

    What am I?

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Not cool girl (96609)
26 days ago
Why are these so hard
GryffindorChaser (31022)
114 days ago
I got 10/10, super easy peasy!
GryffindorChaser (31022)
114 days ago
Here's a riddle. You said my brain would be tied up in knots, but it wasn't. Why?
tilly dally (65372)
117 days ago
I don't get the 4 days beginning with a T
Alexander (23449)
124 days ago
This is so fun. I'm 10 :D
SomeOne?:) (54262)
125 days ago
I got them alllll right , and I’m 9 ...(basically I heard these already)🤫
jemma (12901)
130 days ago
that was quite easy I got 7/10
ALLIE (77816)
151 days ago
Rahat (78170)
153 days ago
Is Wass to eassssssy
Hermione Granger (69694)
159 days ago
Too easy I am just 9 and I got 10/10
someone (48678)
164 days ago
soooo easy I got 9/10 I got the one with the days of the week and I'm 10
Roseheart (42667)
169 days ago
It was super easy I got a 10/10
Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
174 days ago
And I just turned eleven
Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
174 days ago
Was too easy :- I’m eleven
Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
174 days ago
On the fence one I chose a baby toy being played with. Well, it’s not wrong... the toy itself doesn’t move unless the baby moves it. I thought about fence but didn’t think it made sense. I’ve never heard somebody say a fence runs around their house but you learn something new everyday. I guess people do say that.
Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
174 days ago
I get the 4 days one :D I love riddles!
Solace (93572)
175 days ago
Wait... how are there 4 days starting with "T" in a week? "Tuesday" and "Thursday" are all on the list. 8Solace/10
Weqgy (27953)
193 days ago
Wait... how are there 4 days starting with "T" in a week? "Today" and "Tomorrow" are nowhere on the list. 9/10
My names to rare to share...sorry ;) (64684)
206 days ago
Wow! This was hard! Comment if you agree.
If it was hard send : 🧐
If it was easy send :🤩
Or just a sad vs happy!
I got a 6/10 🧐
Shivu (67514)
213 days ago
I got 9 out of 10 ...more happy and little angry on this website for asking silly questions