11-18 Gay Test

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This is to help tweens and teenagers find their real sexuality.

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    Do you have any relatives who are bisexual/homosexual?

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Jeremiah (29995)
Instagram drama_boy123 11 yr old
anonymous (21966)
im a girl but I did this test and I am still bi yo. suck my non-existent duck
Jack (73393)
3 days ago
Josh just go for it and if you are to nervous get someone else to do it for you as you never know they might secretly like you too
The D (45874)
6 days ago
Jv, i think they weren’t naked XD
Jv (51085)
7 days ago
Straight but thinking of the boys in those pics naked did get me hard. I think its cause im 15 and like really 💗 but idk
Nate (99585)
11 days ago
Josh- When I told the guy I liked. I started off telling him that I was bisexual. And than i told him how I felt about him. We didn't talk for a while but me and him are friends and he is fine with it
Josh (32245)
12 days ago
How do i tell the guy i like how i feel? I think he likes me but not sure how he'll react.
Parker (25256)
36 days ago
It's m, the musical theater loving, rainbow pride flag wearing, out and proud homosexual your parents warned you about
YEE (95782)
53 days ago
lukas (19101)
59 days ago
hey ethan i only live 1 hour away ;)
Magic (97472)
70 days ago
Also fkin HELP these tests don't help 😫
Magic (97472)
70 days ago
I know it's hard, but just try and subtly mention lgbt stuff to her and see how she reacts. If after that, try and gently tell her. Worked for me.
jacob (81407)
71 days ago
if someone could tell me how to tell my mom im gay that would be great im to nervace
Ethan (44752)
73 days ago
I am in Sammamish Washington and would love to try something in the Saffron Center area
Alex (20749)
73 days ago
Anyone live in LasVegas Because if you do i am willing to try something together
Woke (72371)
74 days ago
>High voice is indicative of homosexuality
Sorry, but one can be straight and have a high voice, or be low and be gay. Yes, most gays have a high voice, but the commonality is truly with feminine voices. If someone makes their voice loud and somewhat hoarse, that is not gay, but feminine sing song voices are.
Questionable (33877)
75 days ago
It said I have got the characteristics of being gay but I’m not sure. I get hard over gay but then when it gets like to the proper hardcore stuff it puts me off. Anyone else get like that?
Gray (32790)
75 days ago
It says I have characteristics of being gay. Now I wanna try it with someone
Uke (54538)
77 days ago
I got Bisexual YAY it said i needed 19 letters so ya
Happy (94732)
78 days ago
It was a good test I like it