11-18 Gay Test

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This is to help tweens and teenagers find their real sexuality.

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    Do you have any relatives who are bisexual/homosexual?

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Bryson (65999)
3 days ago
Bisexual on the 12-16(I think it was 16) it said I was 50%straight 45%bi 5%gay
Ben (88880)
17 days ago
Well, I guess I'm bisexual but leaning towards masculinity.......
Luke (01986)
27 days ago
Ya! Bro Brian my dude just tell em. I learned that last week. They still love me and me brothers do not care so just come clean it is better then keepings it inside
Abc (24313)
80 days ago
Brian just sit them down look them in the eyes and "im gay but i am still the same person" that could be your introduction then just add some more sentence
Brian (32373)
84 days ago
I Don't know how to tell my parents I'm gay
Dead inside (70820)
93 days ago
I don't need no quiz i was born gay and raised near gay people and i have came out and my family dont care i am gay they love me the same
Matt (35649)
111 days ago
It's not bad to be gay
Anon (34684)
117 days ago
Help me come out. I'm 90% gay in my opinion. I used to be straight, but recently I had a passion for boys develop in me.
Eli (01708)
119 days ago
THAT boy was sexy and I’m dead inside
Sam (30473)
140 days ago
Emotionally dead inside had me dead
Jack (73393)
148 days ago
Josh just go for it and if you are to nervous get someone else to do it for you as you never know they might secretly like you too
The D (45874)
151 days ago
Jv, i think they weren’t naked XD
Nate (99585)
156 days ago
Josh- When I told the guy I liked. I started off telling him that I was bisexual. And than i told him how I felt about him. We didn't talk for a while but me and him are friends and he is fine with it
Josh (32245)
157 days ago
How do i tell the guy i like how i feel? I think he likes me but not sure how he'll react.
Parker (25256)
181 days ago
It's m, the musical theater loving, rainbow pride flag wearing, out and proud homosexual your parents warned you about
YEE (95782)
198 days ago
lukas (19101)
204 days ago
hey ethan i only live 1 hour away ;)
Magic (97472)
215 days ago
Also fkin HELP these tests don't help 😫
Magic (97472)
215 days ago
I know it's hard, but just try and subtly mention lgbt stuff to her and see how she reacts. If after that, try and gently tell her. Worked for me.
jacob (81407)
216 days ago
if someone could tell me how to tell my mom im gay that would be great im to nervace