Puberty Test - FOR GIRLS

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Are you wondering if you've started puberty yet? I'm guessing yes, since you're checking out this quiz! It will give you a brief overview of the signs of this stage of your life. While it won't be completely accurate for every girl who takes it, it should give you some idea of what's going on with you.

  • 1
    What age are you?
    What age are you?
  • 2
    What are your breasts like?
  • 3
    So, do you wear a bra?

  • 4
    Do you have discharge?
  • 5
    Have you had your first period yet?
  • 6
    Are you interested in boys? 😍

  • 7
    Have you had a growth spurt?
  • 8
    Do you get mood swings?
  • 9
    If you were to jump up and down, would your breasts hurt/wobble?
  • 10
    Do you get cramps?

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12 hours ago
I'll be getting my period in four to eight months. Yes exactely! No! Not correct! I have had it for two years!
5 days ago
@Kat I think you have hit puberty but you haven’t had a period so you should talk to your mum and/or sibling (if they have started their period). My parents don’t talk much about it so if your family is like me then do a lot of research. Once you have had your period then talk to your mum and she should help you out so ye.
5 days ago
Assess me! All the tests I’ve taken say I’m in early stages but I’m not that sure. I would like actual people to judge me.

I’m 9 (10 in 2 months)
I’m quite tall for my age
I have some small bits of pubic hair but just some stubble under my armpits
My shoe size is 2
I’ve had a few crushes
One second I’m as happy as can be the next it is like I’ve been struck by lightning!

If anymore info is needed just reply.
7 days ago
yeah same and i'm 12
7 days ago
@Kat Chan youre on it?
8 days ago
I get discharge right before mine or on it
9 days ago
You have discharge inbetween your periods? I never knew that could happen! May be normal tho. You do get underarm hair and oily hair i you haven't got that yet. If you just recently got your period its most likely your stage 4.
13 days ago
Wait can u help me too tho?
I'm 11
just got my peroid
have discharges in between ( is this normal)?
breasts are traingles/ circles
sorta jiggle if i jump
what stage am i in
also does anything else happen
13 days ago
Hi animal girl,
i think you have started, you're most likely in stage 2/3. You'll probably get your period in like a year.
14 days ago
Have i started? Estimate Me!

Age 8
Maybe breast buds but can't really tell
Hair on my arms and legs, nipples and pubic hair but none under arm
Always getting mood swings
A few cramps but not regular
I have a crush
I have a few food cravings
I think i grew alot, and i am 4'7
If this matters I have size 3.5 shoes
I sweat a bit more often but nothing too bad
I never really feel dizzy
16 days ago
But I need help too.
So I git my period 4 months ago or so. So my period is normal but then when its gone I have discharge. Right until my period comes back. So I have both. But not at the sane time. Is this normal...?
16 days ago
Hi Charlene. I dont think you have yet. I am Not very good with this stuff but i wouldn't say you have yet ☺
18 days ago
Hi I am Charlene
I just wanted to know if I started puberty
So, estimate me
I am 11 years old
Breasts are flat
No discharge
No period
Sometimes mood swings
A few times cramps
No interest in boys
20 days ago
Ughh it said i only started puberty very recently but that is not true
20 days ago
Hey I need help like if I need to get ready for things like periods!
Age 10
Breasts triangle ish
I have a trainer bra
Discharges? Not really
Period once or twice I'd
I've been a bit obsessed with boys and wanna get in a relationship if ya know what I mean..
I grew 5 inches
So many mood swings
Cramps?y e s

So ya help meh
20 days ago
Omg I am on my puberty! I'm 10 and excited I'm getting older, sorry this sounds cringe but I'm happy!
22 days ago
closeeee aff lollolol
33 days ago
I started and i nevwr knew! I am only 8
43 days ago
It said i get my period in a few months when i've already got it
43 days ago
I’m 16 with 32c size 💗 with big nipples and have had several periods I’m am really hairy between my legs hair down there is darker than my head hair I have made myself 💗 and my boyfriend is real hairy below all over with a hairy 💗 sac