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Hermione's bloody love triangle part four, cursed love

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3 Chapter - 485 Words - Developed by: Adrianna lake - Updated on: 2018-04-09 - Developed on: - 652 taken- The story is currently being written

So wow. That happened. So now how will the love of the two live when a curse is dealt?

I rolled over the memories in my head. Ron starts a fight with Draco, and ends up hurting Harry. Draco gets upset and turns to alcohol. What a night! God, I can't get his eyes out of my head. They... changed. It wasn't him anymore. After he passed out, we all went to the hospital wing to wait for him to wake up. He called my name and I came. Madame Pomphrey said he started to thrash about when I left. When he woke up he had his same eyes, but they were pleading eyes. He blinked and they were gone. "Hermione.... I swear.... I really do love you... please forgive me.. I couldn't control it..." "You made me a promise. To never drink again. You broke that promise." " 'Mione! C'mon you know you love me too!" The eyes were back. I slapped him. Then I ran out of the room. "Mione! MIONE!"

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Adrianna (53207)
42 days ago
Oh hey emily/rebel! I see you have been reading all my work😁 yeah, I have thought of making the parts longer, by with things wrappings up, it would be pointless
Emily/Rebel (86367)
43 days ago
its GREAT, but it could use more than 3 chapters, but other than that it excellent.
: )
GryffindorChaser (31022)
147 days ago
It is good, but I agree with Mary on the grammar thing. You might want to download Grammarly, a free app that corrects your grammar mistakes--even online if you get the extension for it.
Mary (50844)
214 days ago
Great Job! But make sure to work on your Grammar.
Adrianna (53207)
221 days ago
Okay!!! I will try to do that next time😁
GryffindorChaser (01320)
223 days ago
Sorry, I meant to write Adrianna Lake. That was a typo.
GryffindorChaser (01320)
223 days ago
Hi, this is the author of Dramione: Just the Beginning. Arianna Lake, I would love you to read it because we are both Dramione fanfic writers. I liked this story, but I just wish that it was a little longer. I understand that you have more chapters, but I still would love it even more than I already do if you could lengthen the next chapters that you write.
Adrianna (53207)
225 days ago
Hey guys!!! So, I was actually inspired to write this by my hero on YouTube, EverythingHP PLEASE check out her channel and comment if you did. (P.s. if it is you, reading this, then please comment!!! I would love to hear from you😁
Adrianna (53207)
234 days ago
Hello!!!! It's me, the author! Thanks for reading my stories and please share the love and comment. I love suggestions!!