First period quiz

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Telling you the symptoms and signs and figuring out around when you might get your period and hopefully answering your questions.
There was one other symptom I didn’t add in this quiz which was spotting because not everyone has spotting before their period and if they do it could be a small amount. Some girls may get 8 months to a year even if they have already had their period because every one is different, but it’s nice to have somewhat of an ideas of when it might happen.( I’m not a doctor but I still hope this helps) good luck!🌷

  • 1
    Have you entered puberty and if so how far are you?🍄
  • 2
    How old are you?🍀
  • 3
    Have you have discharge?
    (It is wet goop that would be on your underwear)🍁

  • 4
    How long have you had discharge?🌾
  • 5
    Do you have hair down there?
    (Hair in your vaginal area)🌺
  • 6
    How long have you had the hair down there?🌷

  • 7
    Do have have hair on your legs and on your armpits?🌻
  • 8
    Do you get cramps in your lower abdomen?🍃
  • 9
    Have you ever had bloating and/or nausea?
    (Bloating is a feeling in your stomach as if it was puffy)🎋
  • 10
    Have you seemed moody whether you or someone else noticed it?🌴

  • 11
    Have you had acne or blackheads?
    (Some people have lots of acne but you can not see it only feel it and it still counts)🎍
  • 12
    Has your skin or hair felt more oily?🌹
  • 13
    Have you had lower back pains or headaches?🌼
  • 14
    How would you describe the shape of your breast?🌼
  • 15
    What size bra do you wear?💐
  • 16
    Do you have cravings?
    (When you crave junk food more than usual)

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5 days ago
avery i would say i would say u have about 2-5 months
10 days ago
I felt them alot😭 but uts not my period 🙂
11 days ago
Hello I'm Avery I wanted someone to estimate me!

I am 10 years old turning 11 this year in September.

I have an lot of discharge everyday.
I have an few black straight Hairs down there.
I have an few brown armpit hairs that barely show.
my 💗 Are about stage 3 or size 38b or round but not fully developed and have been growing for 2 years.

Ache: I have an few everywhere!
B.O. Smells terrible after 30 min out of shower.
so much sweat every day even if I'm not outside.

Craving everything!
Very emotional!
Very moody

like rn Cramp hurt >:[
15 days ago
@someone I might already have ur period it’s just really light
16 days ago
A day to several weeks it says!
I am so excited!!!!
19 days ago
I got 4-8 months but I had reddish brown spotting and alot yesterday😭😭
20 days ago
I got are you sure you don’t have it?
I have spotted for 5 days straight!
And I had soooo many cramps!!
I think I’m gonna get it soon 😖
20 days ago
Wow really i am happy i got 1 - 3 months really close. 🤗🤗🤗
27 days ago
I estimate and they average out to 5-6 months( the quizzes) but I'm shortining it to 4 months because if you could be addicted to parsley I would be! XD
27 days ago
Amy White, you should probably go to a doctor.
36 days ago
OMG it said I only have 1-3 months plus I have no pantyliners or pads and I’m not that good abt telling my mom stuff like that😰
47 days ago
(I’m 12) Sooo I’ve had spotting a couple times in the past and my breasts are like triangles but they are getting bigger
And they also hurt a little while ago
I have recently started to develop darker arm pit hairs and I’ve had some dark sorta curly and hair
down there I’ve also noticed that for the past couple years I’ve started to gain more weight I’m some were around 100-115 pounds I’ve been a little moody also like one day I’m happy then the next I’ll just cry
I don’t know when my mom started but I think around my age
49 days ago
@kattttt Yep, your probably 0-2 months.
Good luck! c:
49 days ago
My period might come in 1-3 months
51 days ago
I am 16 and nearly 17 and I still don't have my period I am not getting most of the symptoms but I still feel like my period should come soon.I am really worried so please help me. ❤️
52 days ago
Can someone estimate me plz

Mom got her period at 14
I’m 9
Breast stage in between 2&3
Hairs starting to curl and turn black on legs starting to shave 1-2 times a week
Weigh 57 pounds in us
4 feet tall all of the women in my family are shorties
Have pubic and armpit hair light
I’m scared and excited and moody
Craving a bunch of food
Help me please I am real moody I’m crying while writing this weird help me plz I’m need help
52 days ago
First period quiz

4-7 months! Getting closer still have a while but if you want to be prepared keep some pantyliners or pads safe for when it comes closer.🌓I know my mom got her period when she was way way older 5 years older than me but...
54 days ago
I have like about 8 months but it feels bad :(
54 days ago
Well i probably have only 4 months and i feel like in gonna die....
79 days ago
@Clo I think you'll get it really soon probably about 1 week- 2 months. Hope this helped x