First period quiz

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Telling you the symptoms and signs and figuring out around when you might get your period and hopefully answering your questions.
There was one other symptom I didn’t add in this quiz which was spotting because not everyone has spotting before their period and if they do it could be a small amount. Some girls may get 8 months to a year even if they have already had their period because every one is different, but it’s nice to have somewhat of an ideas of when it might happen.( I’m not a doctor but I still hope this helps) good luck!🌷

  • 1
    Have you entered puberty and if so how far are you?🍄
  • 2
    How old are you?🍀
  • 3
    Have you have discharge?
    (It is wet goop that would be on your underwear)🍁
  • 4
    How long have you had discharge?🌾
  • 5
    Do you have hair down there?
    (Hair in your vaginal area)🌺
  • 6
    How long have you had the hair down there?🌷
  • 7
    Do have have hair on your legs and on your armpits?🌻
  • 8
    Do you get cramps in your lower abdomen?🍃
  • 9
    Have you ever had bloating and/or nausea?
    (Bloating is a feeling in your stomach as if it was puffy)🎋
  • 10
    Have you seemed moody whether you or someone else noticed it?🌴
  • 11
    Have you had acne or blackheads?
    (Some people have lots of acne but you can not see it only feel it and it still counts)🎍
  • 12
    Has your skin or hair felt more oily?🌹
  • 13
    Have you had lower back pains or headaches?🌼
  • 14
    How would you describe the shape of your breast?🌼
  • 15
    What size bra do you wear?💐
  • 16
    Do you have cravings?
    (When you crave junk food more than usual)

Comments (41)


CC (18290)
29 days ago
I am 11 and I have cravings everyday and I have all the symptoms I am kinda scared
Jane (00761)
39 days ago
It said 1-3 months and now I’m scared so can someone estimate me?

11 yrs old
Weight and height: 81lbs and 5ft
Discharge: a ton I’ll probably start wearing panty liner soon (I saw a super light pink bit of discharge the other day if that means anything)
Cramps: a few everyday
Headaches: a lot more recently
Breasts: a bit pointy but rounding out
Cravings: I want to eat everything 😫
Mom was 12 when she got hers
Gabby🐷 (10815)
43 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
12 years old
Wear a B cup
Have tons of discharge I wear pants liners
I shave my legs every other day
117 pounds
Mom got hers at 13
I have bad cramps every day
No spotting
I have moods swings almost everyday
I have horrible headaches every hour of every day
I’m more tired then usual
I am craving junk food WAY more ofteN
victoria (29126)
45 days ago
estimate me please
i shave every sunday night but just my legs
I'm 80 pounds (36 kg)
I'm 12
i need to wear pantyliners my discharge is soooo bad
mom got hers at 12
i sleep all the time but never want to wake up and when i do i have a headache
wear an a cup
started developings them at the age of 10
i have mood swings every 5 minutes
i get cramps every day
i have been craving a lot of junk lately
no spotting

thank you if you estimate me
Syd (42373)
47 days ago
Probably in about a few weeks to a few months, but you are very close.
( B cups and you're almost 12???!! honey I am 13 and wear a cups, I am way jealous )
yeah (84776)
47 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
I have to shave like every week
I'm 100+ pounds (50+ kg)
I'm almost 12
I have to wear pantyliner's cause my discharge is so bad
My mom got hers when she was 10 (SUPER young!)
I sleep a lot but I never feel like I actually slept
I wear a B-cup
I started developings my breasts when I was like 9
I deffo got some discharge
I have a lot of mood swings
I get cramps like every other week, and they hurt SO bad!
I have been craving chocolate like it's nobody's bisnuess

So if you estimate me thanks!
Someone who needs help (57823)
50 days ago
Can someone estimate me plz?
I'm 13 ( Almost 14)
I weigh 103 lbs ( 47 Kg)
I definiteley have discharge
My mom got her first period when she was 16
But she says I will get it soon
I sleep more than 11 hours, but I'm always tired
Candy queen (56763)
53 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
I'm 12
Craving : yaaas everyday
Cramps: nah
Mood swing: yep
Discharge: definitely
%u2764%uFE0F Margret %u2764%uFE0F (53591)
58 days ago
@Sara based on your information I’d say around 1-4 months. I may be wrong but I also need a little more information like
And other stuff like that!
It would help to estimate!
❤️ Margret ❤️ (53591)
58 days ago
Hey guys! I’ll be estimating all you girls wondering when you’ll get yours!
❤️ Margret ❤️ (53591)
58 days ago
@Caitlyn I think you’ll get yours Very soon! Probably 2-6 months but periods are unpredictable so it could be much sooner!
Do you get any cramps?
And when did your mom get hers?
This information could help me figure it out a little more!
Caitlyn :3 (57310)
59 days ago
Can someone estimate me??

cravings: everyday!!

age: 9 almost 10

weight: 50 to 60 pounds i think??

mood swings: everyday!!

discharge: medium amount every other day..

bobs: kinda like a cut in half soft ball

pubic hair: dark and straight

bra size: training/sports bra

leg hair: becoming pretty noticable

acne: quite a bit!

hair/face: face has spots but isnt as greasy or oily as hair

spotting: once or twice!

my mom thinks im going to get it in a few months or so!!!!
Sara (09390)
61 days ago
hello can someone please estimate me.
I am 12 almost 13
I weigh 118 lbs
I have large amounts of discharge every day
I have mood swings every other day
I where a size b in bras and noticing some stress marks on my breasts and legs
my public hair is dark long and curly
armpit hair and smell
random girl (89876)
68 days ago
hey Stephanie (96823), i'm 13 and got my period a little more than a month ago :p anyway you have some/most of the signs so i would say from today to 5 months from now but thats just an estimate based on what u said. GOOD LUCK!! periods suckkkkkkk!!!
random girl (89876)
68 days ago
hi Anonymous (41919), i'm the same age as u i got my first period a little more than a month ago :p anyways back to the estimate um.... you have all/most of the signs sooo i would say from today to 3-4 months from today! good luck girl, periods SUCK! --a random girl
Anonymous (41919)
68 days ago
Hi could someone please estimate me?
I am 13,
I weigh 100 lbs
I get discharge every day, have had it for 6 months it used to be loads but now it is just a little
My breasts are small and pointy
Pubic hair is dark, curly and I have to cut it once a month covering half the area.
Armpit hair is dark have to shave a couple of times a week.
Leg hair is blonde but everywhere I have to shave it every two days or so
please estimate me I gotta knowww
JERSEY (83913)
69 days ago
I'm turning 13 next week and it says I have 3 months, thankfully it will be in the summer which means no embarrassing period stories at school lol. but I'm scared for my period you happen
Sophie (14579)
70 days ago
Can someone estimate me, just scroll down
Stephanie (96823)
70 days ago
I REALLY appreciate your response Rita!
Rita (24473)
70 days ago
Usually spotting is signs of ovulation, or when your egg gets released to get fertilized. So it might be a sign of getting your period in a week or so!