Creepypasta True or False

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Test your knowledge of Creppypasta stuffs!

  • 1
    Jeff The Killer twitches and ticks a lot.
  • 2
    Smile Dog was originally Smile.jpg
  • 3
    Eyeless Jack became Eyeless because Zalgo gouged out his eyeballs.

  • 4
    Jane's motto is "Play with me"
  • 5
    Smile Dogs original photo is of a smiling dog in the dark, illuminated by a cameras flash, and a hand reaching towards the camera on the left
  • 6
    The Pokemon, Loz (Legend of Zelda), and Minecraft franchises have creepypastas

  • 7
    BEN was drowned by his father in a pool after drowning his best friend in the same pool at his house
  • 8
    The Bloody Painters real name is Vincent Thomas
  • 9
    Offender is Slenderman's brother, who offers daffodils to women.
  • 10
    Good job! Now then. Sally has a question. Play dress up with her?
    True = Yes
    False = No

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1382 days ago
I got 7/10 correct. I got the BEN Drowned questions right. I made sure of it because I love BEN.
1433 days ago
Cute little quiz I guess