When will I get my First period quiz? Actually accurate!

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Been wondering when your first period is going to come?
Well, I'm here to help you!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mother when she got her period?
  • 3
    Do you have boobs?

  • 4
    Pubic hair? (Hair down there)
  • 5
    How much have you grown in the past 12 months?
  • 6
    Do you have underarm hair?

  • 7
    When did you start puberty?
  • 8
    What is your weight?
  • 9
    Do you have any discharge?
    ( goo in your underwear, I know its a little gross sometimes )
  • 10
    Time for PMS-ING symptoms.
    Are you having cramps in your lower abdomen?

  • 11
    Are you having more cravings than usual?
  • 12
    Mood swings?
  • 13
    Have your breasts been more sore than usual?
  • 14
    Do you have acne?
  • 15
    Thank you for taking my period quiz!
    Leave your estimations down below, I will try to do every single one!
    Thank you for taking this quiz!
    ( What you choose will not reflect your score)

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39 days ago
It says 3-6 months I don’t know how to tell my mom please give me ways to tell her please
88 days ago
A few days - 2 months
Talk to a adult female, and carry a pad around!
Talk to some friends who already have their period, and watch some YouTube videos to get prepared!
Don't be too scared, periods aren't as bad as you may think!
118 days ago
Not accurate it says 1-2 years all of the others say in the next six months
138 days ago
Height: 5’4 not 5’11 😅😅
138 days ago
Please estimate me!?

Age: turning 13 in 2 months

Hight: 5’11

Weight: 110IBS

Mum started around the same age as me

Wearing padded bra

Have had discharge for over 2 years now

Black curly pubic hair, have to shave every

Brown ish black underarm hair, starting to curl

A LOT of food cravings

A lot of bloating lately

Sleeping A LOT

Often mood swings

few cramps

Have to shower every day
173 days ago
@Someone spotting is like one or two drops of blood mixed in with discharge but it isnt your period its just a very tiny amount but its an indicator your period is no more than 4 months away :)

@Kae, maybe about 1-4 months - good luck!!
220 days ago
hey can someone estimate me?

- 12 years old

- wore a training bra but upgraded to a cup/bralette on my 11th birthday after noticing breast buds/showing through shirt / puffy

- I shower 2x a day, and I have to shave each time. Had underarm/leg/ arm hair since I was 10 ( 2 years)

- have ALOT of pubic hair.. full bushy and curly if I haven’t shaved. ( yuck!!!!)

- had a lot of discharge since 5th grade ( 1/2 years)
Can feel it when I walk

- noticed spotting/ brown/red stuff on the toilet paper a few times and in my underwear once but didn’t last long enough and not enough to be a period..

- had stabbing/cramp feelings in my lower stomach and a lot of upper leg aches.

- crave a lot of things and eat a lot

And yes.. please estimate meeeeee thank you
227 days ago
What does it mean spotting?? spotting blood?? if yes, aren't you supposed to get your periods???? thxs for answering me :)
259 days ago
Also Hips hurting for 2 weeks and headaches and had spotting once and have little bumps on my face
259 days ago
11 turning 12 same time my mum got hers (btw way ment to be born on her bday but 10 days late)
Cramps now and then
sore breasts and sometimes when i breath it hurts
Mood Swings
Need Training bra
Can feel discharge but then its like yellow and dried and sometimes it sticks
267 days ago

Few days to 2 months!

I am super stressed and exided!!!
So... Yeah👌👍😬😬😁
285 days ago
Idk when my mum started but my sister was 1 yr older
Hair down there quite full
A bit of armpit hair
Just a crop top but quite sore sometimes
Get cramps sometimes
I crave junk food quite a bit now
335 days ago
Estimate please!
Age-10 (11 in 1 - 1 1/1 months)
Discharge- White gooey, sometimes yellow, I feel it when I walk and I wear pantyliners, 12+ months
Armpit hair- blonde and wispy
Pubic hair- dark, curly-ish, medium amount
Weight- 87 pounds
Spotting- little to none
PMS- cravings, moodiness, stomach pain (bellow belly button), breast tenderness
Moms age: 13
Bra- a to aa
340 days ago
Someone please estimate me.
Age: 11
Age of mother: a few months away from my age
Weight:77 pounds
Height: 165cm
Discharge: 7+ months
Spotting: none
Hair down there: full
Armpit hair: few blonde hairs
PMS: cravings, mood swings, stomach pains below belly button (feels like a hand is slowly pushing its hand below belly button) and breast tenderness
Bra: crop top

385 days ago
Cramps have gotten wayyy worse since I posted last just if any of you estimate and I think I might have spotted but it was hard to tell

402 days ago
Can someone estimate please?
-12 years old about same as my mom
-discharge for at least a year
-I think I spotted once recently
-A cup bra
-I have to shave every few days
-hair down there 👇 is dark and coarse lots tmi
-78 pounds(everyone says I’m light lol)
-quizzes I take always are like under 3 months or like are you sure you don’t have it etc
-pms like all the time cramps and cravings are baaaad, 💗 tenderness, mood swings, everything pms
419 days ago
I have quite a few hairs on my 💗,legs,and underarms I have quite a few cramps once a week or so and my mum had hers at 12 I want mine SOOOO BADD just to get a experience and it said 1 and a halph years 😡😡estimate me and if anyone knows an TRUE accurate one let me know 😉
432 days ago
if I’m hungry all the time like after I eat to where I’m full and then I’m hungry ten minutes later and it keeps happening every day is that a sign of my period coming soon
438 days ago
I took this test around 2 weeks ago and my results were "you will get your first period in 3-6 months" but around 4 or 5 days ago I got my first period so obliviously that proves this test is absolutely not accurate (btw I just came and wrote this just to prove that this test is not accurate DO NOT come and do this test because if you are , you are wasting your time)
445 days ago
3-6 months WHAT is this tho? Every thing else says 1 month?????!!!!!??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤬