When will I get my First period quiz? Actually accurate!

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Been wondering when your first period is going to come?
Well, I'm here to help you!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mother when she got her period?
  • 3
    Do you have boobs?
  • 4
    Pubic hair? (Hair down there)
  • 5
    How much have you grown in the past 12 months?
  • 6
    Do you have underarm hair?
  • 7
    When did you start puberty?
  • 8
    What is your weight?
  • 9
    Do you have any discharge?
    ( goo in your underwear, I know its a little gross sometimes )
  • 10
    Time for PMS-ING symptoms.
    Are you having cramps in your lower abdomen?
  • 11
    Are you having more cravings than usual?
  • 12
    Mood swings?
  • 13
    Have your breasts been more sore than usual?
  • 14
    Do you have acne?
  • 15
    Thank you for taking my period quiz!
    Leave your estimations down below, I will try to do every single one!
    Thank you for taking this quiz!
    ( What you choose will not reflect your score)

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Comments (88)


3 days ago

Few days to 2 months!

I am super stressed and exided!!!
So... Yeah👌👍😬😬😁
21 days ago
Idk when my mum started but my sister was 1 yr older
Hair down there quite full
A bit of armpit hair
Just a crop top but quite sore sometimes
Get cramps sometimes
I crave junk food quite a bit now
72 days ago
Estimate please!
Age-10 (11 in 1 - 1 1/1 months)
Discharge- White gooey, sometimes yellow, I feel it when I walk and I wear pantyliners, 12+ months
Armpit hair- blonde and wispy
Pubic hair- dark, curly-ish, medium amount
Weight- 87 pounds
Spotting- little to none
PMS- cravings, moodiness, stomach pain (bellow belly button), breast tenderness
Moms age: 13
Bra- a to aa
76 days ago
Someone please estimate me.
Age: 11
Age of mother: a few months away from my age
Weight:77 pounds
Height: 165cm
Discharge: 7+ months
Spotting: none
Hair down there: full
Armpit hair: few blonde hairs
PMS: cravings, mood swings, stomach pains below belly button (feels like a hand is slowly pushing its hand below belly button) and breast tenderness
Bra: crop top

121 days ago
Cramps have gotten wayyy worse since I posted last just if any of you estimate and I think I might have spotted but it was hard to tell

138 days ago
Can someone estimate please?
-12 years old about same as my mom
-discharge for at least a year
-I think I spotted once recently
-A cup bra
-I have to shave every few days
-hair down there 👇 is dark and coarse lots tmi
-78 pounds(everyone says I’m light lol)
-quizzes I take always are like under 3 months or like are you sure you don’t have it etc
-pms like all the time cramps and cravings are baaaad, 💗 tenderness, mood swings, everything pms
155 days ago
I have quite a few hairs on my 💗,legs,and underarms I have quite a few cramps once a week or so and my mum had hers at 12 I want mine SOOOO BADD just to get a experience and it said 1 and a halph years 😡😡estimate me and if anyone knows an TRUE accurate one let me know 😉
169 days ago
if I’m hungry all the time like after I eat to where I’m full and then I’m hungry ten minutes later and it keeps happening every day is that a sign of my period coming soon
174 days ago
I took this test around 2 weeks ago and my results were "you will get your first period in 3-6 months" but around 4 or 5 days ago I got my first period so obliviously that proves this test is absolutely not accurate (btw I just came and wrote this just to prove that this test is not accurate DO NOT come and do this test because if you are , you are wasting your time)
181 days ago
3-6 months WHAT is this tho? Every thing else says 1 month?????!!!!!??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤬
201 days ago
Age: 12
Weight: 95lbs
Height: 4’11” or 5’0”
Pubic Hair: Yes a lot
Underarm hair: Yes I shave
Breasts: Yes not that huge though
Discharge: Yes, have had for 5 or so months and it’s getting gooey and wet
Mom’s period age: 12
208 days ago
Very much not accurate! 😡
212 days ago
Mums age:11
Discharge:some almost every day
💗 are really sore
I sweat so much more
My ♥️is quite hairy
I wear a sports bra
I'm 110 pounds
I have a lot of cravings
I get cramps sometimes
I sometimes get mood swings
My leg and arm hairs are noticeable but I don't shave
Hopeufully that's everything xx
Plz estimate me
215 days ago
I’m so confused I have only had dischrge for 2 months but I looked up ovulation dischrge and mine looks like that (white or clear) soo I’m scared 😦
231 days ago
Ok it said a few days, or months... help... I have SOO much discharge, quite a lot of pubic hair, a small amount of underarm hair and quite a bit of leg hair. I’m 12 but my mom got hers at 15... I have cramps EVERY HOUR! AND THEY HURT SO BAD! I’m 85 lbs, I’ve had all symptoms for about 1 and a half years, my 💗 fit an A cup bra, and they’re very sore all the time. Someone estimate me?
236 days ago
Please can someone try to estimate me?
I am 11
My mom got hers at the same age
I have a variety of brown pubic hair
I have a few lost armpit hairs
I get discharge (a lot) 1-4 times a week
My breasts are at stage 3 and I wear a AAA cup
I get cramps sometimes
I also have a lot of cravings
My life is practically an emotional rollercoaster
An I get acne

For anyone who can help, thanks
259 days ago
And i also got 3-4 years but idk
259 days ago
Hello, please estimate me :)
Im turning 11in a few days
My mum got hers when she was 12.10
I havent had sourt
Barely any arm pit hair
Pubic hair: almost full but not full yet
JUST started getting discharge this week but i get it every day and a medium amount
Im not sure if i had spotting but (i think) there was red-is poo, but it mightve been a spotting too twice
266 days ago
I took a test last year and it said 1year and 6 months and now I took it and it says 6months
278 days ago
So I’m 11 (about to be 12 soon) and my mom got her period at 14-15 but I’m showing SOOOO many symptoms!

Also I have blonde hair so much that I couldn’t even see my eyebrows till a few months ago! Even some of my eyelashes are blonde! But I have a lot of leg hair!

I’m experiencing some “cramps”

My just have breast buds I wear a training bra

My pubic hair is meh it’s not full but not a little bit either

No armpit hair

I have had discharge for about one and a half years and a LOT of it

LOTSSSSS OF MOOD SWINGS! Like my little sister could be like “la la la” and I’ll be like “YOU ARE SO LOUD STOP!” (I get in trouble a lot for that..)


I have taken a lot of test that say “two months at the most!” But this one says one to two years!

Please help meeee! My friends both have their period but I don’t! :(