Am I Straight, Bisexual, Or Lesbian?

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This quiz is FOR GIRLS ONLY. It's a few questions about you that, depending on your answers, will reveal if you're straight as the horizon, as in-between as bisexual, or just have eyes for the girls. Answer honestly or your result won't be accurate.

  • 1
    What do you think you are now?
    What do you think you are now?
  • 2
    What do you call your best friend?
  • 3
    Have you ever thought of kissing a celebrity?
  • 4
    Have you ever wanted to kiss a girl friend or any girl you thought was cute/hot?
  • 5
    If you see a hot or pretty girl talking to a guy, which of these do you most likely think?
  • 6
    Have you ever felt a true romantic crush toward any girl or woman, and wish they would only talk to you?
  • 7
    When do you think of members of the opposite sex?
  • 8
    If you were sad, or just not your usual happy self, who would you want beside you?
  • 9
    What type of girl do you think you really are?
  • 10
    If a lesbian or bisexual person came up to you and asked you out, would you go?
  • 11
    What size is your friend group?
  • 12
    Fill in the blank:

    I would kiss a girl _______.
  • 13
    Which of these clothing bottoms do you like best?
  • 14
    Have you ever noticed you look at girls in a different way than you do guys?
  • 15
    Do you ever feel nervous or get butterflies around certain girls?
  • 16
    When a teacher talks about being gay, lesbian, or straight, in your head, you say you're:
  • 17
    How often do you question your sexuality?
  • 18
    If you've had a boyfriend, or have one right now, does it feel right? Is he who you genuinely like?
  • 19
    Why are you taking this test?
  • 20
    Would you rather hang out with girls, or guys?
  • 21
    Have you ever watched porn? If so, who was it?
  • 22
    If you got the chance to be in a hot makeout session with any girl you wanted, would you do it?

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Comments (113)


7 days ago
i honestly don’t know if i’m a lesbian or a female leaning bi. i look at guys and think “ok that’s a bit cute”, but i’m ALL over girls. i love girls.
10 days ago
Idk if I'm bi or les but right know I just really love girls
14 days ago
“ You are mostly lesbian, but sometimes add in a guy for fun. You only date girls except for a rare guy experiment. You like girls because they understand you and know how to please you better (if you know what I mean;).“why is this completely accurate
16 days ago
I got lesbian but I still dont know. I wish i had a gay or bi friend to talk to about this
18 days ago
Hey so i am bi but i got lesbian so like :/ oof
30 days ago
Hello! I got bi but before I got straight and I’m only 9! But hey, At least I’m bi like one of my best friends! 👭🤷🏻‍♀️👫
30 days ago
im in love with my bestfriend i dont know how she will take it or how she feel i wish i knew but i do love her everything about her i know and love i love you bestfriend
65 days ago
I'm most likely bi, but this test said I was lesbian :/
76 days ago
I'm not sure whether im bi or a lesbian and this quiz said im a lesbian but i still dont know
79 days ago
So, basically i knew i was bi, but today I came to realisation that i have only dated guys (im closeted) and win each i broke it off bc i felt like we were just mates. I like girls but i like guys but i never fall in love with guys, what do i do!?
82 days ago
I am bisexual apparently.i think it's accurate!and it actually awesome!
106 days ago
I got that I was a lesbian but sometimes add a guy in just for fun and, let me just say that the whole reason why I took this test was to see if that really could've been an answer. I was thinking to myself before I took this test that I prefer guys but I mean if the right girl came along I wouldn't mind so much, ya know?
108 days ago
I knew it. Am lesbian yay! Happy and proud.
108 days ago
It says im mostly lesbian
117 days ago
I got bisexual and I thought I was
120 days ago
brooo I got that I was a lesbian but sometimes add a guy in just for fun and, let me just say that the whole reason why I took this test was to see if that really could've been an answer. I was thinking to myself before I took this test that I prefer girls but I mean if the right guy came along I wouldn't mind so much, ya know?. Well, that's coolio I guess. Catch ya'll on the flip side.
125 days ago
i just wrote out an entire comment and forgot i was on airplane mode so it didn’t even comment... 😩

my results said i’m bisexual. i’ve been questioning it for a long time now, probably a year, and it’s been stressing me out a lot. i’ve grown up in a religious community where although we love and care about people in the lgbtq community, we don’t believe in acting upon those feelings. i’ve always understood why we believed that because man and woman need to be together in order to have children/families, but i also fully support the lgbtq community. it makes me feel trapped and sad that i would be committing a serious sin to experiment with a girl. i have all these feelings that i’ve been confused about and there’s no way for me to explore them. i love my religion which is why this is rough for me. i have a lot of struggles in my mind, because whenever i think i’m bisexual my brain convinces me that i’m not. but the truth is, i’m pretty sure i have a crush on one of my girl friends now.. lol. i just wish i had someone to talk to because i feel so alone. i told my brother, my best friend, and two of my cousins and they were all accepting, but they haven’t said a word since and don’t even acknowledge my sexuality. it makes me feel like i must not be bi, or that being bi isn’t really a difference from being straight which is obviously not true. i don’t feel like i can tell my parents, at least not right now. it’s not that i don’t think they’d be accepting but that i don’t want them to think of me differently. i’m just so confused. writing all this out has helped me a lot unload all my stress and emotion, and if you read this far i just want to say thank you :) if you relate to this in any way or have felt similar feelings i encourage you to write a comment too. reading them really helped me and i think it could help someone else :)
130 days ago
so my results are mostly lesbian. i thought i was bi for like 6-8 months but turns out i mostly like girls ._. huhu help
138 days ago
So I like my results they are that I’m mostly lesbian but I throw I guy or two in the mix sometimes I have been questioning my sexuality for almost 7 months now my sexuality went from straight to lesbian to straight to bi and now I am questioning if I’m a lesbian again it’s so confusing but I am nine I haven’t dated anyone like having a tiny relationship at school I haven’t even came out but I think I am bi but I just lay awake at night crying because I just don’t know what to do anymore it’s just so confusinggggg
157 days ago
i'm mostly lesbian and have been for about a year (bi for 2 years previously) and lesbian feels right. the label, the flag, the community... but i'm dating a guy right now. i haven't ever been truly attracted to a guy. i love my boyfriend, but he's like, the one exception and idk if saying i'm a lesbian is fair to him and lesbians are barking at me saying i can't be a lesbian and that i'm bi... idk i'm not biphobic it just doesn't feel like me.
homoflexable feels weird and kinda mogai too.