Can you Survive?

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It's the year 3045, and darkness has spread across the entire globe. Everything imaginable, from the Zombie Apocalypse to the spirits of madmen roam everywhere. No one is safe. Let's see how long you survive.

  • 1
    You find yourself waking up in a tree, among several other people in your Survival Troupe. Ever since all hell broke loose everywhere on the planet, you've banded along with these people in an effort to survive. What is the first thing you do?
  • 2
    You have climbed out of the tree, along with the rest of your Troupe. You need to find some food in order to have the strength to start the day, so how are you going to get it?
  • 3
    While hunting, a few of your Troupe members broke one of their weapons. What do you do?
  • 4
    You are busy munching on the food you gained (unless you were too frightened to get some) and hear a scream behind you. Your Troupe is under attack by a terrifying monster, and it's after blood.
  • 5
    Your Troupe is fighting the monster, when you notice an attractive person you know fall to the ground, their arm bleeding profusely. Do you make a move?
  • 6
    The wounded Troupe member has been rescued and taken to safety, and the monster was killed. Assuming you are still alive, what's your next move?
  • 7
    Your Troupe is on the move now; there has been word that there is a safer part of the woods south of your location.
  • 8
    Along the way your Troupe hears rustling among the bushes, and the ghostlike image of a Spirit Madman flies towards your group of people. (If you left the Troupe, it just flies after you alone)
  • 9
    Sadly, your Troupe has lost 60% of its people due to most of them not being able to fight the Spirit. If you were alone, you are extremely weakened by the Spirit's attacks. How do you carry on?
  • 10
    Everyone knows that survival is not always based on your skills or intelligence. In this event, you need luck too. So leave it up to fate...

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Chloe (94805)
21 days ago
For 40 % you are: You do not survive very long, but you die a hero after heroically sacrificing yourself to save someone, along with several other people who in life, you brought back onto their feet in times of peril. After your death people remember you as a true legend.

Well I hope this doesn't happen anytime soon
sweetsurvivor57 (39193)
41 days ago
i survived 50% of the time. must retake
princess snowy (54642)
48 days ago
To anyone confused by the last question: the 1's represent your one chance at life. You gain another point towards getting a good score if you pick the correct 1. It's based off of luck
Lauren (65640)
49 days ago
I'm a true legend love it 5 star quiz good
Party'sOverDude;) (38637)
60 days ago
5 stars

EdSheeranFan(WhoopWhoop) (38637)
60 days ago
Amazing quizz!!! I would defientely reccommend it to everyone!! I loved it (even though I had no chance in survival;) BEST QUIZ EVER! But what's up with the last question?! The answers were all the same, it was just 1, 1, 1, (u get da picture) and it didn't make sense. Thanks for this awesome quiz anyway, tho. It made my day😍😃❤️
R. (64139)
61 days ago
This was a nice quiz. :)