Percy Jackson quiz

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I’m obsessed with Pjo and HoO so this quiz is about that!

  • 1
    What is Percy’s weapon named?
  • 2
    Who were the kids Percy saved in the Titans curse
  • 3
    How did frank become protector?
  • 4
    How long did it take Percy, Hazel, and Frank to get from Alaska to San Francisco?
  • 5
    What was the ship name Leo built?
  • 6
    Who was Artemis linquent?
  • 7
    Who is Percy’s half brother?
  • 8
    Who helped Percy and Annabeth get out of Tartus?
  • 9
    Who died in the Titans curse?
  • 10
    Who was the first monster to attack Percy?
  • 11
    Who did Jason, Piper, and Leo meet when they went to the ice cave?
  • 12
    Who was Thalia’s brother?
  • 13
    What was Percy turned into on Cerberus's island?
  • 14
    How did Thalia come back alive?
  • 15
    How did Percy and Annabeth trick Polyphemus?
  • 16
    What’s Grover?
  • 17
    Who is the head counseled in the Aphrodite cabin?
  • 18
    Who is the head counseled in the Apollo cabin?
  • 19
    Who is the head counseled in the Hephaestus cabin?
  • 20
    Who is Chiron?
  • 21
    What’s hazels curse?
  • 22
    What is franks curse?
  • 23
    Who’s Percy's godly parent?
  • 24
    What’s Percy's full name?
  • 25
    Who was the first Olympian Percy meets?
  • 26
    Who did Percy battle on the beach?
  • 27
    What’s franks power?
  • 28
    What book did Tyson come in?
  • 29
    What’s Percy's hell-hound names?
  • 30
    Who was the first enpetara that attacked Percy?

Comments (5)


Jüpîtér (78104)
148 days ago
Your spelling isn't the best.
Emma (27990)
156 days ago
I chose riptide in the first question and it said I was wrong then in the third one it asked how Frank became protector and I said he didn't because he wasn't a protector he was a praetor but it still said I was wrong.
Vzme (66545)
176 days ago
Thalia became the lieutenant after Zoe died
Eleanor (14408)
205 days ago
Lot's of spelling mistakes but apart from that it was pretty good!
Lily (25882)
208 days ago
For the first one i got it right, but i still like it