Panic! At the disco quiz

Hi I’m Eva this is my second quiz so I will be feasting you!

  • 1
    Fill in the blank: It’s nine in the afternoon, your eyes are the size of the ___
  • 2
    What is this song called?
    “If you love me let me go”
  • 3
    What is there second albem?

  • 4
    Fill in the blank: If crazy=genius the I’m a f**king artimise, I’m a rocket __
  • 5
    Which song is this?
    The god damn door
  • 6
    Fill in the blank:
    __ pouring over us

  • 7
    Name the song!
    Who are these people? I just woke up in my underwear
  • 8
    Name dem song!
    Is this the real life? Is this just fantancy?
  • 9
    Fill in the blank:
    Do I look ___
  • 10
    Fill in the blank!
    If your a lover you should know the lonely ___ only get lonlyer

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