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My Girl Squad Coverage

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10 Chapter - 993 Words - Developed by: Tests4youGuys - Updated on: 2018-04-23 - Developed on: - 229 taken- The story is currently being written - 2 people like it

In this fan fiction, I 'm going to be explaining about how my Girl Squad is made and how my V.I.P.'s and Special Thank You's are determined.

What is my girl squad?

My girl squad is a little thing that I do at the end of each month. Every time someone comments, they are added to my girl squad and every time someone tells me they 'liked' or 'gave 5 stars' they will be added to my special thank you's. If you help me out with something or answer a question I had, I might even put you as one of My V.I.P.'s which get special little letters from me! I might check out some of my girl squad member's quizzes and like them, as well as leave a comment asking them if I can post a link on one of my quizzes.

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Snow (61526)
39 days ago
Hi! I love this type of stuff because I run a Girl Club where we share our interests and do fun dares. :)

I really like this post so I gave you five stars and TWO likes!!! :)
Be sure to check out some of my fan fiction and tests! :)

Before I looked at this, I wrote a fanfiction called Snows BFF Club but it's very different from this. Thanks, Snow
Tests4youGuys (35739)
52 days ago
Thanks so much! You guys are all added!
DoggyDelight (99887)
54 days ago
Hi! I am DoggyDelight and since I really like your Girl Squad, I gave you five stars and liked the post. Back soon!
2445 Forever (61650)
56 days ago
Wow :D!

I love the colour teal too XD!

2445 Forever
Pup (94275)
56 days ago
Hi, my Name is Pup because I like puppies and baby seals, I'm a bit of a dork but I'm still cool and I HATE BULLYING so I totally love this post! :)

I give AWESOME advice! Just ask my BFF EmberPuppy! I love dogs and I'm looking forward to being a part of Girl Squad! :)
Alessa (80065)
56 days ago
Hi, Kathrine :-) ! I gave five stars and gave you one like.
Tests4youGuys (35739)
59 days ago
Please make sure to join my girl squad. Remember, this is never done, I post new chapters at the end of every month, stating new things about myself and who made it to what position on my girl squad. Thank you!