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Hi, My name is Doggy Delight and I will be starting this post called, LITTLE MISS ADVICE. Simply ask a question in the comments section and I'll answer them!:)

    Hi everyone! My name is DoggyDelight and I will be starting an advice column called... LITTLE MISS ADVICE!:)

    Anyone can comment here and anyone can ask a question here as long as they keep it clean. I do NOT discriminate!:)

    Simply ask a question in the comments and I will answer them!:)

    ATTENTION- Bullying, mean behavior or bad language is not accepted. Other then that, I hope you have a good time here!:)

    COLOUR CODE-There are a few colour codes that I would like you to keep in mind.

    Purple is for me to answer your questions in.

    Blue is for you to write your questions in.

    Any other colour is for comments.:)

    Thank you and I hope I can give you good advice!:)


    If this advice column is a success I will make a LITTLE MISS ADVICE 2 and LITTLE MR ADVICE.

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55 days ago
Hi little miss advice. (I realize this isn't in blue font but I can't change it on my device) Anyways if this is still running I'd REALLY appreciate some advice. (sorry if this is long)

Ok here it goes; I just moved about 3 weeks ago and started at a new school. There's this guy, he seems to like me and he's been seeming to like me since I got to this school. I think I like him back too. He's really nice, funny and really cute. He keeps trying to talk to me, he stares at me and he seems to enjoy being around me. I don't know what I should do.
139 days ago
Help please, I am torn between two guys and I can't decide which one to have a crush on! Both of them are super nice,
cute, caring, and good listeners. What should I do?
429 days ago
my best friend invited me to her b day party and I’m going but idk anyone there and 40 ppl are going I’m super nervous and also she has about 20 BFFS and acts depressed and says she is but I don’t think she is I actually am and she’s being knida mean should she still be my bff?
439 days ago
Dear worried,
Brothers are so annoying whether they're older or younger! Tell a parent or a trusted adult. If they can't help then you have to get your brother. I'm assuming his older when I say that you need to give him a punch and make it clear that if he hits anyone ever again it will be way worse. I'm not mean when I say this. He is a bully!!! Stand up to him!!! I hope this helps! :)

-Little Miss advice
446 days ago
Hi DoggyDelight, What is the purpose in relationship and marriage? Why people take it so seriously?
448 days ago
should I date immatureish boys or fully mature boys?
448 days ago
Worried, it said to use blue to ask questions.
448 days ago
Dear DoggyDelight,
What should I say to my crush without making it obvious to him or anyone else that I like him?
449 days ago
Dear doggiedelight, how do I teach my brother not to hit me and other people? He will hit me for no reason and then I will say no and defend myself and then he just gets mad and says I shouldn’t. How do I fix this?