Dude Perfect Trivia Quiz

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Dude perfect are a group of you tubers who do trick shots, play battles and even have their own TV show called "The After Show." on YouTube they have 29 million subscribers

  • 1
    How many boys are in dude perfect?
  • 2
    Who has only won one battle?
  • 3
    Who is the leader of dude perfect?

  • 4
    Who is the mascot of dude perfect?
  • 5
    What was Coby's first win?
  • 6
    In their new show over time did the diamond smash?

  • 7
    What sport do they always play?
  • 8
    What is Tyler Toneys nick name?
  • 9
    What trick shot video did they sponsor pringles in?
  • 10
    Who got the world record for walking across lego?

  • 11
    Who got a level 10 spray tan
  • 12
    What were the teams for the battle ships battle
  • 13
    Which ones are twins?
  • 14
    How did they get together and form dude perfect?
  • 15
    How man subscribers do they have or did they have in 2018?

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882 days ago
That was only ONE of the inaccurate things.
882 days ago
882 days ago
Just so you know, whoever made this quiz, Tylers nickname is actually TT
893 days ago
yea i agree it wasnt accurate and the diamond never smashed!!!
1034 days ago
I should have got 10 out of 10, the diamond never broke, and they didn't meet in church, Tyler and Garret met on their high school basketball team, then, later the twins moved in with Ty, Garret lived next door because he was a clean freak, and then later Cody moved in. Whoever created this test got their facts mixed up.
1034 days ago
This test was not very accurate, also the twins' last name is Cotton, not Cottan.
1070 days ago
They didn't meet in church. Ty and garrett met in theirr high schoool basketball team. The twins met them and cody in college. Religion was only what they bonded ober because they all grew up in religious homes
1134 days ago
THE DIAMOND DIDNT SMASH!! The vice got dented
1184 days ago
I know that the vice got dented
1185 days ago
I know the diamond didn't smash it was the vice the hit Cody.
1238 days ago
I got 10 right AND THE DIAMOND DIDN'T SMASH!!!!!
1530 days ago
The diamond didn’t smash, it dented the vice. Diamonds only break if hit by another diamond.