Am I close to getting my first period?

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Hello...In this quiz you will find out if you are close to getting your fist period...Are you ready? LETS START

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weight?
  • 3
    How are your boobs like?
  • 4
    I know this may be a bit awkward but do you have pubic hair? (HAIR UNDER THERE)
  • 5
    Armpit hair?
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
    DO YOU HAVE DISCHARGE?(goop or a white yellowish sometimes brownish substance in your underwear)
  • 9
  • 10

Comments (47)


Julia (35488)
7 days ago
Oh god.... less than a month! Yelp
Help me (57518)
10 days ago
Ok I am 13 turning 14 in about 2 months. I have been getting really bad cramps in my back. And my mom said she use to get them too. I need panitiliners for discharge. I can fit an A and almost a B bra. And I have had discharge for about 11 months now. The only thing is. My grandma had her period at 17 my mom 16 and my moms sister/aunt 15! But I am having all the signs.... And my mom thinks I will start soon. All the test say soon and less than three months. Sorry there is not much info. But please do the best and estimate me!
Unknown (69523)
25 days ago
I got my periods on 10 may it last till 1 week it is soo bad
Gwhdgh SC h (76848)
27 days ago
@Gabby🐷 any time soon
Caitlyn (24532)
32 days ago
The first one was dark brown and there was a medium streak in the middle of my underwear. And the second one was lighter brown and in he middle of my underwear and it kinda looked like a square. But kinda in the middle of small and medium
Me (78900)
32 days ago
@caitlyn what color was it and how much?
Caitlyn (09471)
32 days ago
Yes I have only once though
Me (78900)
33 days ago
@ Caitlyn have u had spotting since then?
Caitlyn (85262)
33 days ago
@estimatehelper please help
Caitlyn (85262)
33 days ago
The last time I spotted was a couple days ago. It was light brown. I’ve had it twice now
Talk to me (02867)
35 days ago
hey guys my younger cousin just got her period and I haven't she is 10
Jenna (94929)
35 days ago
Almost there super excited and nervous
Sophie (14579)
35 days ago
@talk to me
Talk to me (02867)
35 days ago
Hey guys I'm here to help 🙂
Mia (13296)
37 days ago
I got less than a month 😬
Ava (52062)
37 days ago
3-5 months and on the last test 1-3 months
Sophie (14579)
38 days ago
Is your full name Alexandra?
Alex (62038)
38 days ago
Kill me now less than a month
EstimateHelper💜 (61208)
38 days ago
@Caitlyn when was the last time you spotted?
Caitlyn (14884)
39 days ago
Please estimate me. I’ve been waiting for a while now. All my friends have it and now I feel left out. ♥️

Breasts- kinda triangular but rounding out. I’m about a size A or B.
Hair- have a lot of pubic hair. Almost covers whole area. My arm and leg hair is all grown and very bad . My armpit hair is noticeable but don’t have to shave yet.
Age- I’m 12 years old. Mom got hers at the same age.
Cramps etc- I’ve been getting them every couple hours or so for the past 3 days. Some headaches.
Weight/height- 120lbs and I am 5’4.
Spotting- I’ve only spotted once.
Ache- face is really greasy from pimples. Mostly around my nose and a tiny bit on my forehead
Sweat- I sweat a lot everyday