Logic Riddles

  • 1
    There are 10 fish in a tank 4 die 3 swim around and 2 sink
  • 2
    A man lives in a serviced house made up of three perfect circles. he hosts a party. all the guests are having a blast in the living circle when the home owner goes to the bathroom circle and gets murdered by one of his workers its your job to investigate and find out who done it?
  • 3
    A kidnapper ha s a jar of pills they all appear to be the same he makes is victims take one random pill with water as does he but the victim always dies from posin and he lives how?

  • 4
    At a school the students get their desks, teachers and classrooms its the first day after school wen leaving a child is murdered by a employee who was it?
  • 5
    Mary Lou's friend is in jail but she also went to jail after telling crude joke in public but it was not against the law what happened
  • 6
    What is black when clean and white when dirty

  • 7
    There is a ship sailing with 20 people on it. there is no one in the water. the ship sinks and every one survives but twentyforeheads pop out how?
  • 8
    What does this say;
    Pris in New
    the and new youk
    the sprng in she summah
  • 9
    (last one!) say these words out loud then answer the question
    ghost post most boast host roast coast
    what goes in a toaster?
  • 10
    (your done!) what has a bed but doesn't sleep and runs but never walks

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