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Hi, I'm ᏕᏁᎧᏇ and this is my club. I started it with my BFF Zoe. This club is girls only but I will make a version for boys. Come in and read my post!:)

    Hi, my name is ᏕᏁᎧᏇ and this is my BFF Club which I started with my Best Friend, Zoe. This club is for girls only but I will make a club for boys and a 'Random Club' where anyone can go in and tell us what their hobbies are and why they like them. This is a special club where you can spill about ANYTHING. Please don't be shy.:)

    If you swear or have mean behavior then you will not be able to join. Words like 'stupid' or 'jerk' are not swearing as long as you don't call anyone in the club, 'A stupid jerk'. I hope you understand!:)

    Every few days I will bring up a topic and you can share your thoughts on it.

    Anyone is welcome to join. If you have a question we will be able to answer it. Zoe and I hope you enjoy being part of my BFF Club!:)


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Six (81412)
29 days ago
hi, my name is Jocelyn people call me Six my hobbies are reading and drawing! my fave movie is Fantastic Beats and my fave book are every book I own so ye also I'm 10!
Emily 💖 (25863)
67 days ago
I Quit. Nothing has happened for ages. It's boring.
Snow (79670)
72 days ago
Cutie Locks and Emily 💖 have joined this club. Congrats!
Emily 💖 (79670)
72 days ago
Oh and I'm 10 years old
Emily 💖 (79670)
73 days ago
Hi Snow and Zoe, can I join your club?

Singing, dancing, writing

Book-Dork Diaries and fashion magazines
Film-The Harry Potter series

Hope I can join!
Cutie Locks (45368)
91 days ago
Hi Snow and Zoe! My best friend @A GIRL is on this club and she recommended it to me. Can I join?

My hobbies include sewing, cooking and reading. My fav book is Little Women. My fav film is Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. And I want to join because my friend said it was brilliant!
R. (24625)
140 days ago
Hmm I might have to watch it sometime.
R. (85050)
158 days ago
I've never seen it, but I looked it up and I guess almost any age could watch it. I heard theres some kissing and stuff, so maybe not for younger ages. Nothing bad though, I say watch an episode and decide if you like it.
Snow (89711)
160 days ago
Hey Everyone! So I want to talk about Miraculous tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. What age is this show for does anyone know? The fighting seems are definatly for my age group. Ten to thirteen years olds. But the transforming parts, cataclisim parts and the lucky charm parts are for eight year olds. Also the part where Ladybud de-evilizes the akuma. What are your thoughts?
R. (32762)
167 days ago
I'm 13. I'm happy to be in this club! :)
Snow (56142)
170 days ago
Blossom, Harrypotter4life and R. have joined this club. Congrats!!!
Snow (56142)
170 days ago
Hi everyone. I'm twelve and my BFF Zoe is twelve. Anyone can join this club so welcome.
Blossom (36024)
171 days ago
Hey my hobbies are chilling, going to the park, seeing my friends and watching TV.
Harrypotter4life (28542)
174 days ago
My fav book IS harry potter and the chamber of secrets i really like dragons and weird animals i have fish and a hàmster and i had a old cat
Harrypotter4life (28542)
174 days ago
HEY im new here to t’ha group soooo YA
R. (32762)
176 days ago
Hi, my hobbies are reading, writing, and taking pics on my phone. I also like to bake. I have many favorite books, The 39 Clues and Ella Enchanted are a couple. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. I want to join because this looks like a cool idea and I would like to get to know everyone here.
Melody (37446)
180 days ago
How do I join the club?
A GIRL (37041)
182 days ago
Okay thanks @Simple, sorry if it sounded intrusive.
Simple (46579)
182 days ago
I don’t really prefer specifying my age with people I don’t know. Let’s just say that I’m 12+
A GIRL (37041)
183 days ago
Wow, thanks!!! This is so amazing!!! If you don't mind my asking, how old are you guys? I'm so happy to be in this club :)))