When will I get my first period?

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A quick estimate of when you’ll get your first period to help you out! 90% accurate!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How would you describe your breasts?
  • 3
    What size bra do you wear?
  • 4
    Have you noticed any discharge (yellowish, whiteish goo in your undies)
  • 5
    How often have you been getting discharge? (try and guess)
  • 6
    Have you noticed any pubic hair (hair down there)
  • 7
    What’s the hair on your armpits like?
  • 8
    Do you shave your armpits?
  • 9
    Have you been more emotional/moody?
  • 10
    Do you want your period? (DOES NOT EFFECT THE SCORE)

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Alex (50434)
135 days ago
Crave I’m sorry to say that you about 7 - 12 months away since you have no discharge and not very many Symptoms but still quite a few I could be wrong… I’m just guessing
cece (73830)
153 days ago
estimation plz
-i am 11
-my breast are small but rounded but one is bigger than the other (tmi) it look round and a triangle at the same time
-pubic hair some are dark and some are darkish brownish and some hairs are curly and some go to thigh to thigh but not alot
-armpit hair light dark blond and wispy
-my sweat stinks but its been like that for years now
-i sweat just from moving
-leg hairs dark but barley even noticeable
-growth-spurt a little one
-my hips gotten a little bit bigger barley noticeable my waist gotten a little bit smaller
-i only cramped once
-no discharge
-no spotting
-mood swings once ( one minute i was chilling and like one minute later i started to cry over a anime character that died) lol
-idk why but i keep on thinking about this dude i like
-idk when my mom/sister got theirs and i am to embarrassed to ask
plz i rlly want my period bc every one have theirs
plz @me for estimation
sofia (41919)
153 days ago
@umm you'll prob get your period very soon! Within the next couple of months
Julia (35488)
158 days ago
“Any time girl....” I want it but I don’t lol.
margo (85430)
165 days ago
I have taken ten of these quizes and most of them say 3months or less so yea
Umm (19265)
167 days ago
Oh and also I have lots of dark bushy hair down their and on legs and armpits
Umm (19265)
167 days ago
1 month till I’m 13
Mom and two sisters got it a couple months younger
A/B cup but family doesn’t have big 💗
💗 are starting to round out
LOTS of discharge white and creamy and or clear and sticky
Discharge everyday
I’m almost 5 feet 2”
I have a boyfriend
Ive has discharge for over a year
Mood swings almost everyday
I have cramps 3-6 times a week but they don’t last
I have been having more cramps lately
I more often than not wipe up a little blood
I crave junk food ALL THE TIME
Izzy (47960)
171 days ago
Hey how accurate is this? I took it to see when my friend would get it (yeah we know each other that well😂) and it said 0-2 months. How accurate is this? My guess for her had been 4 months so I'm thinking pretty accurate?
Izzy (47960)
171 days ago
No name

I would say 5 more months!
Already had it, lol (10561)
174 days ago
Hey everyone clam down it’s a part of life I’m 12 and I just had it like 3 months ago, probably starting again soon. Some advice girl to girls: get pads and talk to ur moms about this! Even if u still only have that weird icky foot yellow stuff do it!! Even tho u might be disappointed that u don’t have big 💗 I don’t so be quiet and it’s a part of life! Have fun😉
Ella (72794)
174 days ago
@A Girl I got 0-2 as well but I'm 12 😲 knowing me it will happen to me at school and my boyfriend will notice not me.
A girl (02465)
176 days ago
My test is super accurate it used to say one year now it’s at 3-5 months! Gladly it’ll be over the summer and not on my first week of school.
no name (83180)
177 days ago
Estimate me:
- I'm 11 turning 12 in 2 months
- I have quite a lot of dark curly public hair
- I have lots of dark armpit hair
- I sometimes get moody
- I wear and A size bra
- I get discharge every day (some days I get more than other days)
NoNamePlease♡ (65380)
177 days ago
0-2 months 😂 all is the quizzes have been saying 1 month or less for so long now
A Girl (34279)
177 days ago
Depressed (13529)
177 days ago
omg, I'm 11 and got "0-2 months" as well!
James (14386)
177 days ago
ya like its 90% accuret
Rather not say (26769)
177 days ago
Every test I take says 3 to 5 months... I don’t want it ever...
HALPP (62372)
177 days ago
I am 11 and I got 0-2 months! I'M SCARED.. no one in my grade except for maybe 1 person has gotten it...
Help (44177)
177 days ago
It says 0-2 months omg I’m scared