Are you most like a boy or girl? Or maybe a mix of both?

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Take this quiz and find out, whether you are most like a boy, girl or if your both: D

This quiz is based on cliches and real life...

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    What’s your favorite color or the one you like the most?

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52 days ago
so i am hard to tell but i am a girl. i act like a boy so you know.
89 days ago
Yeah Domestic, I totally agree. I got boy and it said I should do more girly things. I HATE romance and makeup and all that stupid stuff (like, no offence) I love video games, football, swimming. I'm a total Tomboy and NO ONE WILL CHANGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

143 days ago
I might add that I read the comment about how you explain that the quiz is based on stereotypes. And I get your point but I honestly think you shouldn't make on purpose such a stereotypical quiz. Like I said I read the comments and a lot of people semmed to be confused and you can never know to what that leads. They might feel less accepted or they actually want to transition because you told them but you were wrong. I'm appreciating that you are aware of the stereotypes but you were definitely not aware of causing problems. Sometimes it's better to keep ideas or thoughts to yourself if you know they might be harming someone.
143 days ago
What the 💗 why are you posting such stereotypical trash??? Like no offense but telling girls they should do more girly stuff is the worst. If a girl likes video games and football it's fine and she's still a girl no matter what. Also telling a boy that he's transgender if he likes that girly stuff is rude. Boys will be boys even if they like romance and all that. You also can never know the reasons of a person doing certain things. I for example used to play a lot with barbies because my cousin had a lot of them and it was fun making up stories. I recommend talking for example with a teacher about gender roles or even do it with the whole class, family whatever. I hope this comment isn't too rude because it wasn't meant to turn out that way. I hope you'll just be more educated about that nowadays so sensible topic :)
144 days ago
It said I am in the middle and I am a tomboy I do like sports and not makeup.
147 days ago
I'm a girl but I got 65% both and 35% boy. This is why I'm questioning.
150 days ago
I’m a girl and I got 50% both, 25% girl, 25% boy...
So aka I’m just pretty much both, lol!
151 days ago
The results said that I'm 58% Boy
25% Both
17% Girl

So should I be a boy?
(I'm so confused + I'm a girl)
169 days ago
Well guess i should act more like a girl. According to the quiz. I am a girl while I got boy. I don't really mind but you said I have to act more like a girl :)
174 days ago
I'm a girl and I got your a typical boy yay
184 days ago
This test is very sexist.
186 days ago
I dont mind shopping with my friends and walking around a mall with them if it's for "useless" stuff.
186 days ago
This test is so sexiest i hate the outdoors unless I'm at the beach or swimming. I hate shooting games and make up I'm just a very feminine guy (nothing wrong with that, and yes I love pitch perfect) I think this test needs more work on it then... well ANYTHING!!!
188 days ago
im a girl and i got straight up boy......yay!!!
198 days ago
I'm a girl but it says 42% both 25% girl and 25% boy so I really seem to be both (don't know how these numbers should score 100% though).I feel mostly like a girl, but I also like to do stuff guys use to do and I hate it if someone tells me that we girls are any less than boys at certain things. Oh, and I hate shoppings and makeup.
(sry for my bad english)
204 days ago
Ok i am not the only Ella here
204 days ago
I love makeup but it said i hated makeup
206 days ago
Watch it! I’m a big tomboy and I bite! I’m an animal! And this test proves it 😘
207 days ago
It says I’m a boy! I’m a GIRL for F-ing sake! But I do act like a boy a lot BTY
231 days ago
I LOVE HOT BOYS!!!!!!!!!