Is your crush the right one?

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Find out if the "perfect" guy you're crushing on is the one for You, or not.

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    Do you talk to each other much?

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GryffindorChaser (31022)
1 hour ago
Okay, so he CLEARLY likes you. I mean, if he's a bad boy then (not going to right the word here) you're lucky. But maybe just talk to him and get to know more about him and his likes, if you make a good impression, then you might be having a date come up in a week or so! Just have fun in the moment! Whether it's Going to last, or not.

These are my results, and I think they are possibly right. Well, not the part of having a date with him in a week or so. I am WAY TOO NERVOUS to tell this hot boy how I feel about him. Since we've met, I have thought about him every day. We seem perfect for each other because we are so similar. We even think the same way, and his birthday is four days before me (we're both 12 right now). I love him so much! And he is not a super bad boy, but he is a bit of a bad boy. I like him the way he is.
Eliza (06030)
13 days ago
I was playing a game were you roll a ball on the ground until it touches you and he was in front of me until he got out. OOF. He likes me but I told him I didn't and now I do. Is that weird. I was hugging my friends ankle and she said to him bc he was looking. "Your lucky your so lonely" and then she got down and hugged his ankles just for 💗 and giggles she talks trash about him all the time she said "___ asked me what makes me hate him and I said I met you." It was funny. The drama teacher used his best friend for the good example and himself as the bad one "lets say ___ did really good..... Then ____ did really crappy" We all laughed he was fake crying. lol
H Khalid (09688)
20 days ago
hey! Haha well then if those were the results you came up with, are you sure hes the right boyfriend then? Hm? Haha, just kidding. Hope you two have a happy relationship. :)
Mackenzie (77498)
32 days ago
Hehe, he likes me... Well, he admited that he liked me a while back so... What was the point on doing this quiz? Lol, I was bored...
Anon (52286)
32 days ago
I tried to test this test and the results were funny: (HES my boyfriend)

I mean, no offense but you're just a normal person to him. You might not be the one he's looking for or he might not be the one for you. But, if you really want to, you can try and get him to get to you! If he's a tough one, then you got to spice up a little bit and make him want you, if he's a shy one, let him in a little bit, be sure that he can trust you. If all that fails, then he's not the right one. Go find your lad!