Pokemon test

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10 Questions - Developed by: C Fullerton - Developed on: - 9.637 taken - 21 people like it

Testing trainers on how well they know Pokemon

  • 1
    Phione is a mythical Pokemon

    choose true/false
  • 2
    Phantump is only a ghost type no other type
  • 3
    Woopers evolution is Wagtump
  • 4
    Quagsire is a water & ground type Pokemon
  • 5
    Deino evolves into Zwelous who evolves into hydrogen
  • 6
    Zygard is the tallest pokemon
  • 7
    Kyogre mega evolves into mega Kyogre
  • 8
    Malamar is only psychic type
  • 9
    Mantyke is the kite Pokemon
  • 10
    Rayquaza's arch nemesis is Groudon

Comments (9)


pokeMan (81466)
4 days ago
Still consider as 10 - 10
pokeMan (81466)
4 days ago
Could get all of them right if they weren't misspelled........
aimee (31642)
34 days ago
goodish badish
Mahayu Suryandari (20308)
35 days ago
I love this question LOL
nick (34292)
57 days ago
uhhhhhh did i get the deink question wrong cuz of zwelos instead of zwielus and hydrogon instead of hydriegen if i did dum quizzz
LGDRx (62678)
130 days ago
It’s primal kyogre not mega kyogre
izzy (62786)
133 days ago
did i get the deino question wrong because you said hydrogen and not hydreigon? also kyogre does mega evolve into mega kyogre i have no idea how that was false
rpant (36621)
143 days ago
very intersting quiz
Tapu Koko (96770)
173 days ago
EASY!!! Got 10 out of 10