Lesbian Scenario Quiz

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Here's a quiz to tell you if you're a lesbian...or not.

  • 1
    You are reading an assigned homework book at the library when you feel someone's hot breath on your neck, and a feminine voice.
    "Damn, you're sexy. We should HANG out later...."
  • 2
    You decide you're bored with the book, and you just check it out to read later. You're walking down the front steps when someone's arms wrap around your waist as you stand, paralyzed. You...
  • 3
    She somehow convinces you to come over her house when no one's there. She turns on some TV, and holds your hand, muttering about your hotness. In return, you....

  • 4
    All of a sudden, the TV is off, and she is climbing on top of you, laughing softly, her eyes sparkling mischievously. "Damn, you're hot" She says, uttering the same words she had earlier. She asks you to take off your clothes. You....
  • 5
    You are both naked now. You are frozen, as she runs her hands across your body, you moan, tingling. She stops and asks you what you want to touch first.
  • 6
    You end up hesitating, and she doesn't wait. Moving down your body slowly, starting softly on your lips then heading down, and reaching your neck gets rougher and rougher, biting. You groan. What are you thinking during this?

  • 7
    She reaches your v*****, and begins to lick. Tilting your head back, you moan with anticipation and open your legs wider, wanting more. You're groaning more and more, wanting it to be never - ending. She stops, exhausted, and lays down next to you. You climb on top of her and she smiles, ready for anything. She opens her legs, wider and wider. You....
  • 8
    She's tired, but you want more. A LOT MORE. She lays down next to you, warm and comfortable. You...
  • 9
    You wake up the next morning with her on top of you, still naked. What do you do?
  • 10
    If you guys HUNG out more often, would you think of a possible relationship with her? Would you be happy with her?

Comments (48)


248 days ago
You are DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY 100% Straight. Good luck with life.

what? im bi
442 days ago
You are as lesbian as a lesbian can be. Maybe closeted, but if you are, it's O.K. Just come out when the time is right. Anyways, be proud. You love those ladies!

This is what I got
575 days ago
venter ummmmm how old r u
605 days ago
it said i was 100% straight, When did i run away?
678 days ago
im so lesbian my pure lesbianess broke the page and ended up killing my computer. lol
683 days ago
You are reading an assigned homework book at the library when you feel someone's hot breath on your neck, and a feminine voice.
"😍, you're sexy. We should HANG out later...."

That's neverrr gonna happen. I'm the ugliest girl I know 😭😭
683 days ago
I may be attracted to all genders, but oh wow I would like this type of relationship with a girl 👧😍
736 days ago
"🚔, you're $exy. We should HANG out later..." WAIT WHAT DID SHE JUST CALL ME?! XD.
This surprised me low-key.
750 days ago
dude, they called me straight and I KNOW I'm lesbian. They only called me straight because I didn´t want to be nasty, I still hung out and gave in But just because I wasn't a 🕊 🕊 they called me straight bull🕊.
757 days ago
Not again....another sexual lesbian quiz!!!Lesbians or any other sexuality can be asexual 🙄
770 days ago
100% Straight sure........i say im more bi as i like a boy and girl............
789 days ago
wow...I guess I'm 100% straight, thought I was bi, (more into girls though) LMAO
817 days ago
829 days ago
“You are 100% straight”
Nah fam I just don’t like random women creeping on me at the library doing homework as a minor. I’m 100% lesbian but nah that’s not cool
833 days ago
i'm "100% straight."
no. no, i'm not. i'm biromantic and asexual.
887 days ago
Seriously though, is the girl in this quiz at who's house we go to someone that we're supposed to be friends with or is it just a random weirdo the library 😂
918 days ago
sorry i skipped grammer
918 days ago
bruh it said im 100 percent straight so i asked my to play this test to and she got 100 percent straight now were both questioning our life
956 days ago
HINT: if you are taking this test you are not straight!
999 days ago
Dis be lyin-
Im bi but im more into girls-
and it said im lesbian-