Does He Like You?

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This is a simple quiz based off of research and experience in body language to see if that boy likes you or not. Let’s find out!

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janat (51903)
195 days ago
he likes me I am very happy
Cat (58516)
196 days ago
Dacloah well if he doesn't know you and he said it once, then just avoid him, but if he harasses you then report him
Dacloah (16950)
197 days ago
Someone help me plz I’m begging
Dacloah (16950)
197 days ago
Some one help me plz
Dacloah (16950)
197 days ago
THIs guy told me to find him when I’m older because I’m pretty he said I feel so violated I do t know what to do
Lime (83668)
197 days ago
If he confronts you about his crush, then you should kindly decline. You could come up with an excuse, like you aren't ready for a relationship, or give it to him flat out.
Hope this helps!

Blah (34028)
197 days ago
Ugg... i dont like him. But i thought he did so i took this test. Dont wanna hurt his feelings but dont wanna be his gf. What do i do??
Milkshakey (40350)
199 days ago
i see this guy once a week (Most weeks, apart from holidays since we're both homeschooled) and he gives me a few signs he likes me, like he always looks at me and smiles whenever i walk past. But we've only talked a few times and im a little suspicious one of his friends might like him (although i've never talked to her) we are both in completely different friend groups so its kind of hard to talk to him because whenever i get close i feel like im going to throw up! i don't know if he likes me or not but my gut tells me he does a little. Also whenever i walk past any of his friends they stare at me, whether he is with them or not. Is that also a sign? i need help! i need to know if he likes me, and how i can talk to him more. Any suggestoins?
K JUNG (32988)
200 days ago
BOYS! 소년들은 너무 바보 같아! LOL!!
Wendy Huang (32988)
200 days ago
think i know what your'e talking about erin. ask his friends to check for you and hope all goes well !
Erin Yan (32988)
200 days ago
This guy is really cute and (I think) he's been flirting with me all year. The thing is though- he's giving me mixed vibes. He's mean to other girls but strangely not to me. He's really sarcastic but cute af and funny. We're in one class together and we talk, but other than like small things we don't text much. I can't tell if he's an💗or secretly a nice guy. Should I even bother?? HELP!!!!
Opinion8ed (33341)
201 days ago
Still likes me? Ngh.
kiki (77789)
201 days ago
didn't get my results
Ra ra (64711)
201 days ago
He might like me. I will legit die if he does.
Ughhhhhhhh I like him sooooooooo muchhhh x.x relateable??