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Two Sentence Scary Stories (by me)

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26 Chapter - 783 Words - Developed by: R. - Updated on: 2018-07-06 - Developed on: - 15.181 taken- The story is currently being written - 3 people like it

Share your own 2 sentence horror stories in the comments! And if you don't like scary stuff, obviously, don't click this.

You get a package from the creepy man next door. He's in it.

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Rebecca (92197)
29 days ago
I'm here now so just put it whenever you get here and I'll read it today or tommorrow :)
Hallia (05657)
29 days ago
Hey Rebecca! Uh Are You Busy Coz I Want You To See My Stuff.
Rebecca (33951)
30 days ago
sure go ahead! I like riddles
bunny luv (47999)
31 days ago
@rebecca do you want some riddels? (u said you would be here everyday)
Annna (10672)
32 days ago
I kill the man and throw away the box. I know! I have a dark side... And if u want to test me... 🗡
Rebecca (85759)
43 days ago
Hi I like scary stuff too
Delliah (74632)
47 days ago
Um ok Rebbeca and hiiii.
Rebecca (37875)
58 days ago
I should add some more stories I haven't done it in foreverrrr
Rebecca (37875)
58 days ago
I'm doing good hi, Dakota
Dakota (73081)
59 days ago
SAMUEL UR ON HERE YAY!! I LOVE SCARY STUFF? Hey rebbeca how are you
Rebecca (37875)
68 days ago
I'll check here everyday
Rebecca (37875)
68 days ago
I'm here I'm waiting for you Samuel
samuel/pennywise (60998)
73 days ago
rebecca IM grounded im on a computer im grounded from phone for the rest of the year stay till I get back