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Two Sentence Scary Stories (by me)

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Share your own 2 sentence horror stories in the comments! And if you don't like scary stuff, obviously, don't click this.

You get a package from the creepy man next door. He's in it.

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95 days ago
Aurora in the original tale falls asleep, gets taken by the king to an abandoned castle and get💗d, and has two kids ( all while shes asleep ) and wakes up, and she falls in love with the king, and they get married.
95 days ago
Cinderella's stepsisters cut of pieces of cinderella's foot and put it on their own to fit into the glass slipper
123 days ago
Naruto x sasuke.
126 days ago
'Do not blink until you finish reading this. Do not let her get you.'
Me: *blinked the moment I went on the page*
250 days ago
Omg I've got one:
She looked on the mirror and saw herself. But she never existed in the first place...
269 days ago
A girl went into the disney world haunted mansion, and came back as a ghost.
344 days ago
That would be... very unfortunate..
344 days ago
I woke with a start, only to find myself tied to a pole, on the edge of a minuscule cliff.
431 days ago
I have not read the book Savager Licker and did not realize that there was similarities as you mentioned. I also understand that some people, such as yourself, do not get scared easily (and that's fine). Keep in mind I wrote these about a year ago, and I know they are not the best. (I agree, "razor sharp teeth" is not a very scary phrase, and it is also used a little too much in writing)
431 days ago
Well this lot's of 💗 it really deserve to it then the Phrase "Razor Sharp teeth" it's not really scary nor the fact this from an book called savager licker...
489 days ago
Hello hello hello hiiii
490 days ago
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573 days ago
*We wern't more glad
573 days ago
i have some.

My creepy neighbor is a phsyco. He killed Amie that night.
What was wrong with my neighbor? He can't love, or feel.
A gravestone was sent out the next day. 'rip Amie'
It was 1 am. I died.
My friend passed too. AWWWW.

My phsyco killed us. W
590 days ago
Lollol Good one yeah
592 days ago
The teacher: And then, the big, bad, wolf blew the house down!
Kids in the class: AAHHHHHHHH
A kid: Tell me it's not real! (starts crying)
624 days ago
I'm here now so just put it whenever you get here and I'll read it today or tommorrow :)
624 days ago
Hey Rebecca! Uh Are You Busy Coz I Want You To See My Stuff.
624 days ago
sure go ahead! I like riddles
626 days ago
@rebecca do you want some riddels? (u said you would be here everyday)